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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Auld Lang Syne

Here's more of me! Merry Christmas! Belated Happy Hannukah and Festivus and Winter Solstice! Early Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Me!

Sorry everyone, I had a blog post written up a bit ago and stopped mid-sentence and started focusing on something else because that's what you do when you have ADD and don't take medication for it. I got super busy with work and being sick constantly and working on films of my own... and there's a lot of excuses I can tell you, but point is, I lost track of time and now we're at the end of the year. That's not to say that I forgot about Tiny Superstars and getting the film done. I have the Iowa footage left to get through and I'll be done - and then there's a few new things TJ gave me to get through as well that I'll need to watch. My goal is to have the initial footage watched by the end of the year, and if I use my time well, I'll be done with everything by then. But I'm going to set reasonable goals first.

Watching all the footage and seeing the journey of this film has been utterly fascinating. Everything I see just impresses me more as to TJ's character and the things she's gone through in her life. Her story is absolutely important, and the more I find out about her the more I feel this. I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to present the film and I can't wait to be completely done with watching the footage to start working on bringing it to you guys.

I'm super happy I got to meet with TJ the other day, I feel she got a lot out of it, and so did I. It made me feel a lot better for having missed our previous meetings and I think made her feel more confident about what I was doing on my end as well. I'm still excited to meet Bridget, when we get there.

 I feel really good about next year. I feel like 2012 has been an eternity and can hardly believe how much has happened in my life. It has been simultaneously awesome and awful. People say that the older you get, time starts to feel like a roll of toilet paper and gets shorter closer to the end. In 2011 I started to think that was true, but with how much my life has changed and all the things I've experienced in the past year I don't think that anymore. I'm turning 24 in a week and that terrifies and delights me. Getting older scares me, but having more experiences is worth it.

Also, in a few days I'll have thrown together a promo for the documentary to give to Ellen as well as put the Iowa footage on a DVD for our backers and TJ's personal use. Which will be sweet.

So I'll see you guys soon, and have a great week!

Friday, December 21, 2012

TJ's Tiny Superstars RECAP of 2012

Hey. Thanks for checking in. I really enjoyed Bridget's post and her recap of the year, so I have decided to do my own recap.  So--without further adieu--I give you a quick recap of Tiny Superstars 2012!

At the tail end of February I decided to go back to Iowa (my home state) and do a comedy show for my friends and family. Since I like to do things in an all or nothing manner (we will get to that later) I also decided to "retire" from teaching, launch a comedy career, and perhaps do a documentary about all of these adventures. My facebook post read--"My past is about to collide with my future. This would make a great documentary." Lots of people voiced interest, but well--when I saw Bridget Najour's comment--I knew right then and there she was going to be the one to do this project with me.

We met up at Nordstrom's Cafe on March 5th and both proceeded to order from the children's menu. After catching up and such (we hadn't really spoken in 6 years) we dove in and decided we'd like to work together on what would later become "The Artist Formally Known as Trina." 10 months later--here we are. I think we initially wanted to have the film done by the end of the year, but that just didn't happen. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. I also think that initially we both wanted very different things, but it's all working out exactly as it should. Ok--moving on--

The year has been amazing and this project has been life changing. This year has also been very trying and this project--well--yeah--we will just stick with life changing.

Tiny Superstars 2012--------------

We decided to go with the flow.
We spent a ridiculous amount of time on our Kickstarter video, but finally got it posted on April 15th.
We exceeded our goal and raised over $5,000.
We opened a bank account for Tiny Superstars INC.
We laughed a lot.
We filmed a lot of stuff including: confessionals, interviews, me teaching, performing, and telling stories.
We had a sweet photoshoot.
B wanted to be in the background of my life, and capture it on film.
I insisted she become a part of my life, and that the rest would fall into place.
Distance is always better for professional reasons, and closeness is always better for personal reasons. We both did things well, and we both could've done things differently.
It was hard to differentiate between stubbornness and fear.
Same goes for encouragement and pressure.
We changed the vision of the film, and then we changed it again. It's still a little blurry, but that's part of the plan y'all.
We ate a lot of ice cream.
We lost Fluffy Najour
We loved each other and we fought
We went to Iowa
We supported each other and we fought.
We tried to figure out balance.
We believed in each other.
We gave up on a regular basis.
There was always too much stuff.
There was never enough stuff.
I decided to continue teaching.
B taught me about family.
B decided she did not want to be a filmmaker anymore. She had new goals for all of the right reasons.
We made it work.
We both continued to believe in this project and still do.
We blogged over 80 times and got over 10,000 hits.
I did my shows. They rocked.
I stopped being angry at the world, and mellowed out.
B busted out her first resume.
We got over 50 hours of footage.
We learned so much about life.
We were both courageous in many ways.
B became a part of my family, and Iowa loved her.
I wanted to be in film festivals.
B did not.
I conquered fears.
I decided we needed a hiatus. B concurred. I hated it. She......well...I do not know. LOL.
B decided she could not edit the film. I did not like that decision, but then I did because she had great reasons.
I believed in Bridget, but not myself.
B believed in me, but not herself.
We fought, and finally heard each other.
We found a new editor.
We all tried to meet up, but it never worked out.
I gave up.
B did not.
I decided I had to do two more things before the end of the year--interview B about this process (on camera) and talk to Kristy (the new editor) about what the film should actually be about. I think it's'll see. All I will say is this--it is NOT at all going to be what we thought.
Stella (my friend) and I interviewed B and I learned a lot. It was hard reliving some things. I wish I could go back and change some stuff, but alas--I cannot. Like I said before--everything happens for a reason.
We were asked what we learned from each other.
You'll have to wait to hear the answers.
I forgot to ask B the most important question of the interview.
Tonight I gave Kristy the footage from the interview, and we talked about the direction of the film. I'm excited and inspired. She will be brilliant.
We will all have a nice break and enjoy the holidays with our loved ones.

In 2013 you can expect the following from Tiny Superstars:
Amazing blog posts.
The completion of the film.
The Tiny Superstars dinner for our special backers
The premiere of the film.
Our soundtrack.
To see all of us on Ellen.
B Naj enjoying both of her jobs.
Me teaching, performing, and keepin it real.
More of Kristy
A lot of the same roller coaster ride we had this year.
Maybe another project
I'm not sure what else.

I just want to leave you all with a few things I've learned this year from this process. Well--maybe I'll hold off on that. Let me just say this. I thought so many things I was going to do in 2012 were going to be life changing, and that the film was going to document them all. I did have a life changing year because of so many things, but the most life changing thing of all was not filmed--it was the film. I adore you Bridget. Thanks for taking this journey with me and for seeing it through. It's been amazing. Thanks to all of you for your never ending support. See you all in 2013. Happy Holidays!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012: A year in review.

As I lay in bed this Saturday morning watching the most god-awful Christmas specials, I began to reflect of the last 12 months.  Every year seems to be passing more and more quickly, particularly with all the distractions of modern technology occupying every moment of our day.
Anyway! Point being, time flies and this year has perhaps been the fastest year of my life.  I feel like just yesterday was New Year's Eve.  I remember it in vivid detail, which is even more remarkable considering how much I had to drink that night. 2011 wasn't the most stellar year ever.  2010 either for that matter.  Every year the same declaration is made: "This year will be my year.."  First it was "Great in '08!" "Fine in '09." and by 2010, we were "Just hangin' in." So by last New Year's Eve, I was done with resolutions.  No declaration of weight loss, no promise to be more productive.   

Up until about two weeks ago I was convinced that 2013 would be kicking off with about the same optimism as the previous few years, particularly with my 25th birthday just weeks away.  Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly proud of the work that we have done on our film, but I still found myself schlepping into the same old job each day, feeling completely stuck.  However, after four and a half years, I am moving on.  This week will by my last at Miguel's Cocina.  As of Wednesday, I am the newest member of Alternative Strategies PR team where I will be working part time as an intern.  And though it won't pay the bills, I really couldn't be more excited about this opportunity! It's my first "big girl" job!  Additionally, I will be helping to open a tasting room at a new brewery here in San Diego.  2013 is looking like it may shape up to be a pretty decent year!

Those of you who have been reading since day 1 may recall that I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012.  Allow me to refresh your memory:

- Get a tattoo
- Learn to drive a stick
- Run a 5k
- Make a movie.

While the first two remain incomplete...I still feel accomplished (plus the year isn't over yet!) I ran a 5k back in May...check! And as anyone reading the blog at this point knows, we began the makings of a movie.  Though it is still in progress, I am putting a check mark next to this one.  Like I said, I am so proud of the work we've done this far.  Even more so I am proud of TJ for accomplishing and overcoming all she did this year!  Working on this film has presented so many unexpected opportunities and has allowed me to meet so many amazing people.

To TJ, Myriam, Janice, Gary, Blaine, Stevie, Jackie and the rest of the Hubergs, Deweys and are an amazing family and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to meet you all!  Thank you for making me feel like one of your own!

Of course I also have to thank all my family and friends who have been there every step of the way. You keep me sane and I love you all.

To all of the people in California, Iowa and anywhere in between who have followed and supported this always, we wouldn't have been able to do this without you! 

2012 was just the beginning of TinySuperstars and I hope that you all continue to follow us into 2013.  Who knows what it will bring!

Happy Holidays from the TinySuperstars family to yours! And as always, thanks for reading!

Love, Bridget