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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Auld Lang Syne

Here's more of me! Merry Christmas! Belated Happy Hannukah and Festivus and Winter Solstice! Early Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Me!

Sorry everyone, I had a blog post written up a bit ago and stopped mid-sentence and started focusing on something else because that's what you do when you have ADD and don't take medication for it. I got super busy with work and being sick constantly and working on films of my own... and there's a lot of excuses I can tell you, but point is, I lost track of time and now we're at the end of the year. That's not to say that I forgot about Tiny Superstars and getting the film done. I have the Iowa footage left to get through and I'll be done - and then there's a few new things TJ gave me to get through as well that I'll need to watch. My goal is to have the initial footage watched by the end of the year, and if I use my time well, I'll be done with everything by then. But I'm going to set reasonable goals first.

Watching all the footage and seeing the journey of this film has been utterly fascinating. Everything I see just impresses me more as to TJ's character and the things she's gone through in her life. Her story is absolutely important, and the more I find out about her the more I feel this. I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to present the film and I can't wait to be completely done with watching the footage to start working on bringing it to you guys.

I'm super happy I got to meet with TJ the other day, I feel she got a lot out of it, and so did I. It made me feel a lot better for having missed our previous meetings and I think made her feel more confident about what I was doing on my end as well. I'm still excited to meet Bridget, when we get there.

 I feel really good about next year. I feel like 2012 has been an eternity and can hardly believe how much has happened in my life. It has been simultaneously awesome and awful. People say that the older you get, time starts to feel like a roll of toilet paper and gets shorter closer to the end. In 2011 I started to think that was true, but with how much my life has changed and all the things I've experienced in the past year I don't think that anymore. I'm turning 24 in a week and that terrifies and delights me. Getting older scares me, but having more experiences is worth it.

Also, in a few days I'll have thrown together a promo for the documentary to give to Ellen as well as put the Iowa footage on a DVD for our backers and TJ's personal use. Which will be sweet.

So I'll see you guys soon, and have a great week!

Friday, December 21, 2012

TJ's Tiny Superstars RECAP of 2012

Hey. Thanks for checking in. I really enjoyed Bridget's post and her recap of the year, so I have decided to do my own recap.  So--without further adieu--I give you a quick recap of Tiny Superstars 2012!

At the tail end of February I decided to go back to Iowa (my home state) and do a comedy show for my friends and family. Since I like to do things in an all or nothing manner (we will get to that later) I also decided to "retire" from teaching, launch a comedy career, and perhaps do a documentary about all of these adventures. My facebook post read--"My past is about to collide with my future. This would make a great documentary." Lots of people voiced interest, but well--when I saw Bridget Najour's comment--I knew right then and there she was going to be the one to do this project with me.

We met up at Nordstrom's Cafe on March 5th and both proceeded to order from the children's menu. After catching up and such (we hadn't really spoken in 6 years) we dove in and decided we'd like to work together on what would later become "The Artist Formally Known as Trina." 10 months later--here we are. I think we initially wanted to have the film done by the end of the year, but that just didn't happen. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. I also think that initially we both wanted very different things, but it's all working out exactly as it should. Ok--moving on--

The year has been amazing and this project has been life changing. This year has also been very trying and this project--well--yeah--we will just stick with life changing.

Tiny Superstars 2012--------------

We decided to go with the flow.
We spent a ridiculous amount of time on our Kickstarter video, but finally got it posted on April 15th.
We exceeded our goal and raised over $5,000.
We opened a bank account for Tiny Superstars INC.
We laughed a lot.
We filmed a lot of stuff including: confessionals, interviews, me teaching, performing, and telling stories.
We had a sweet photoshoot.
B wanted to be in the background of my life, and capture it on film.
I insisted she become a part of my life, and that the rest would fall into place.
Distance is always better for professional reasons, and closeness is always better for personal reasons. We both did things well, and we both could've done things differently.
It was hard to differentiate between stubbornness and fear.
Same goes for encouragement and pressure.
We changed the vision of the film, and then we changed it again. It's still a little blurry, but that's part of the plan y'all.
We ate a lot of ice cream.
We lost Fluffy Najour
We loved each other and we fought
We went to Iowa
We supported each other and we fought.
We tried to figure out balance.
We believed in each other.
We gave up on a regular basis.
There was always too much stuff.
There was never enough stuff.
I decided to continue teaching.
B taught me about family.
B decided she did not want to be a filmmaker anymore. She had new goals for all of the right reasons.
We made it work.
We both continued to believe in this project and still do.
We blogged over 80 times and got over 10,000 hits.
I did my shows. They rocked.
I stopped being angry at the world, and mellowed out.
B busted out her first resume.
We got over 50 hours of footage.
We learned so much about life.
We were both courageous in many ways.
B became a part of my family, and Iowa loved her.
I wanted to be in film festivals.
B did not.
I conquered fears.
I decided we needed a hiatus. B concurred. I hated it. She......well...I do not know. LOL.
B decided she could not edit the film. I did not like that decision, but then I did because she had great reasons.
I believed in Bridget, but not myself.
B believed in me, but not herself.
We fought, and finally heard each other.
We found a new editor.
We all tried to meet up, but it never worked out.
I gave up.
B did not.
I decided I had to do two more things before the end of the year--interview B about this process (on camera) and talk to Kristy (the new editor) about what the film should actually be about. I think it's'll see. All I will say is this--it is NOT at all going to be what we thought.
Stella (my friend) and I interviewed B and I learned a lot. It was hard reliving some things. I wish I could go back and change some stuff, but alas--I cannot. Like I said before--everything happens for a reason.
We were asked what we learned from each other.
You'll have to wait to hear the answers.
I forgot to ask B the most important question of the interview.
Tonight I gave Kristy the footage from the interview, and we talked about the direction of the film. I'm excited and inspired. She will be brilliant.
We will all have a nice break and enjoy the holidays with our loved ones.

In 2013 you can expect the following from Tiny Superstars:
Amazing blog posts.
The completion of the film.
The Tiny Superstars dinner for our special backers
The premiere of the film.
Our soundtrack.
To see all of us on Ellen.
B Naj enjoying both of her jobs.
Me teaching, performing, and keepin it real.
More of Kristy
A lot of the same roller coaster ride we had this year.
Maybe another project
I'm not sure what else.

I just want to leave you all with a few things I've learned this year from this process. Well--maybe I'll hold off on that. Let me just say this. I thought so many things I was going to do in 2012 were going to be life changing, and that the film was going to document them all. I did have a life changing year because of so many things, but the most life changing thing of all was not filmed--it was the film. I adore you Bridget. Thanks for taking this journey with me and for seeing it through. It's been amazing. Thanks to all of you for your never ending support. See you all in 2013. Happy Holidays!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012: A year in review.

As I lay in bed this Saturday morning watching the most god-awful Christmas specials, I began to reflect of the last 12 months.  Every year seems to be passing more and more quickly, particularly with all the distractions of modern technology occupying every moment of our day.
Anyway! Point being, time flies and this year has perhaps been the fastest year of my life.  I feel like just yesterday was New Year's Eve.  I remember it in vivid detail, which is even more remarkable considering how much I had to drink that night. 2011 wasn't the most stellar year ever.  2010 either for that matter.  Every year the same declaration is made: "This year will be my year.."  First it was "Great in '08!" "Fine in '09." and by 2010, we were "Just hangin' in." So by last New Year's Eve, I was done with resolutions.  No declaration of weight loss, no promise to be more productive.   

Up until about two weeks ago I was convinced that 2013 would be kicking off with about the same optimism as the previous few years, particularly with my 25th birthday just weeks away.  Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly proud of the work that we have done on our film, but I still found myself schlepping into the same old job each day, feeling completely stuck.  However, after four and a half years, I am moving on.  This week will by my last at Miguel's Cocina.  As of Wednesday, I am the newest member of Alternative Strategies PR team where I will be working part time as an intern.  And though it won't pay the bills, I really couldn't be more excited about this opportunity! It's my first "big girl" job!  Additionally, I will be helping to open a tasting room at a new brewery here in San Diego.  2013 is looking like it may shape up to be a pretty decent year!

Those of you who have been reading since day 1 may recall that I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012.  Allow me to refresh your memory:

- Get a tattoo
- Learn to drive a stick
- Run a 5k
- Make a movie.

While the first two remain incomplete...I still feel accomplished (plus the year isn't over yet!) I ran a 5k back in May...check! And as anyone reading the blog at this point knows, we began the makings of a movie.  Though it is still in progress, I am putting a check mark next to this one.  Like I said, I am so proud of the work we've done this far.  Even more so I am proud of TJ for accomplishing and overcoming all she did this year!  Working on this film has presented so many unexpected opportunities and has allowed me to meet so many amazing people.

To TJ, Myriam, Janice, Gary, Blaine, Stevie, Jackie and the rest of the Hubergs, Deweys and are an amazing family and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to meet you all!  Thank you for making me feel like one of your own!

Of course I also have to thank all my family and friends who have been there every step of the way. You keep me sane and I love you all.

To all of the people in California, Iowa and anywhere in between who have followed and supported this always, we wouldn't have been able to do this without you! 

2012 was just the beginning of TinySuperstars and I hope that you all continue to follow us into 2013.  Who knows what it will bring!

Happy Holidays from the TinySuperstars family to yours! And as always, thanks for reading!

Love, Bridget

Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Glimpse

Hello friends and viewing public!

A bunch has happened since my last post. I got a very severe "allergic reaction" which was diagnosed as Scrombroid fish poisoning or something like that and after the initial hives and feverish feelings, I woke up to swollen and red everything, and then vomitting, and the next day after that I couldn't walk my feet were so swollen and in pain. So I missed the meeting with Bridget and TJ, much to my sadness, as I really really wanted to meet Bridget in person.

So uh, word of advice: No matter how much you really love sushi and no matter how hungry you are it is no excuse to forget everything you know about safety and health concerns regarding raw fish. Do not let it sit around for 2 or 3 hours unrefrigerated before you finally get a chance to eat it. XD Goodbye spicy tuna roll, and all meat for a long time. I guess I'm going back to 95% veganism until I stop getting sick all the time.

Anyway, I currently (finally) have in my possession the mass amount of footage for The Artist Formerly Known As Trina as I met up with TJ on Thursday and got it. Woo!

As soon as I got the footage I went into Staples and grabbed some notebooks and pens and highlighters, because I recognized that there's a looooot of footage and I would need to take some pretty intense notes. While I could do this on the computer, I feel it will be much easier for me to write the notes about each clip in a notebook. So far this has proven true, and I won't lose the information in the notebook if I switch programs or anything.

What amuses me is that I started my viewing party with  footage that from what I can tell was not intended to be recorded (Bridget says at some point in the recording that she is not recording) - it's TJ in a class, giving a very illuminating lecture on a research paper she wrote (and won money and awards for I think). It's very interesting to watch TJ teach; she's very charismatic and deeply interesting to hear present information, and usually cracks a joke every other sentence to keep her class engaged, which they VERY much are. Her class is less a lecture and more like a delightful conversation which makes it very easy to learn. I once read or heard somewhere that when you laugh, when you're amused, you learn much faster.

I've also watched a few interviews with people, a show she performed at, and all the blooper footage from the Kickstarter video they did. What's fun for me is trying to figure out how I can use everything, even the stuff that wasn't necessarily intended for the final cut. Sometimes that means showing B-roll (that's the kind of footage that you cut to when someone else is talking) for a good quote when the footage doesn't look good, and sometimes it just means getting VERY creative with how I cut things together. A lot of what I'm doing is listening for sound bytes - good things that will help move the film along and present information in a nice, clean way without too much extraneous verbage. I'll put time codes for anything I find really interesting and want to go back to, especially when the clip is longer than 3 minutes.

In my notebook I write down any sound bytes I hear, I write down a summary of what each clip is (even if it's throwaway footage), I'll put a note about the quality and cinematography, and I have three degrees of highlight - yellow means I know I can use it, orange means I'll use it if I can find a spot for it but I think it would be fun to use or maybe I just found it really funny, and blue means I wrote a production note and need to make sure I re-read it. I don't know that any sane person would use my organizational systems, but they work for me, I promise.

Anyways, I have a horrible condition and it's called insomnia. I have work at 8 AM (it is now 3:15AM) and I only ever feel truly productive between the hours of 10PM and 6AM. And once I start being productive I hate to stop. But I must. I have gotten 1-5 hours of sleep every night since Monday this week. Sleep is such a waste of time. ;)

Goodnight everyone. Here's one-of-if-not-my-favorite-comedian, Kyle Kinane, talking about insomnia and being the midnight scientist that he is to lull those of you crazy enough to be awake at this hour to sleep. And for those of you sane enough to be reading this in the morning, or better yet the afternoon (why would you wake up before noon unless you have to? You guys are the truly sane ones), may it delight your day further.

- Kristy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thank you for being a friend and a financial backer!

Hello friends and fans of Tiny Superstars. Thank you for checking in. Today's post will be short.  I very much enjoyed Krist's post, and am very excited that she is on board with this project.

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you to some peeps. Since DAY ONE, B and I have had an endless amount of love and support. We are truly grateful to each and every person who has taken the time and energy to offer us encouragement. The video below is the LONG OVERDUE personal thank you to our financial donors. We know the economy is less than awesome, and we know that people work hard for their money. The amount that we received during our kickstarter campaign had allowed us to: buy equipment, travel to Iowa, and much much more.  This could not have happened without our financial backers. There is no doubt in my mind that we will finish this film and that it will be amazing--You will ALL be happy with the final outcome. I promise.

One of the things that I take great pride in is the fact that I have a VERY diverse group of people in my life. As you watch the video below I'm sure you will see that. My comedy is about bringing all kinds of people together, and I'm grateful that so many people chose to believe in me and Bridget when we decided that it would be a fine idea to make a film. Our country may be divided politically and such, but one thing stands true--everyone wants to see us succeed. Not just the 105 people in the video below, but everyone in our lives! THANK YOU!

Enjoy the video! Click on the link below.


I'll be back soon, and so will Kristi and B Naj.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Why, Hello There!

Hello from your newest Tiny Superstar!

My name is Kristy, and I'm super excited to be here. Tomorrow (well, technically today) I meet Bridget for the first time outside of electronic communication and receive the footage, and TJ for the second time in relation to this project. I'll be keeping you kids updated with my side of the production, and to start us off I have a lot to talk about.

I'm friends with at least three of these comics; some of the funniest people I know.
I saw TJ for the first time performing comedy at a show in Burbank, where if memory serves she was the headliner. When she said she was in search of an editor a week ago or so, a mutual comedian friend pointed me her way and I jumped at my chance to impress her first chance I got. And apparently I did, because here I am now!

I love editing more than a lot of things, because I love having such a huge and important part in bringing together the efforts and imaginations of many a creative peoples. I also like it because I'm good at it. I've found fixes for the nearly unfixable through editing, bringing back projects many would have abandoned for lack of cohesion. That's perhaps the thing I love most about editing - that I can do that. Previous projects for me started with various videos for fun when I was in middle school, went on to completing school projects via film in middle school and high school, grew in college where I've grown producing not just assignments for my own class, but also helping all my friends in their production classes as well (usually these were more advanced classes than mine since I am at least a year younger than most of my friends), and progressed into creating films for competitions and even a local television show that was produced weekly in NY where I served as director, writer, actor, set designer, editor, and special effects editor (needless to say it was a huge handful). I've had a hand in pretty much every aspect of film making because film is just the greatest thing ever and I can't get enough of it.

When TJ and I met officially for the first time, we hit it off pretty quickly. There's a lot of things about our personalities that I think mesh very well. She gave me an official rundown of what would be required of me and the immensity of the task at hand, and it only got me more excited to work on the project. She told me about her story, the story driving the documentary, and it struck me as deeply fascinating. I absolutely admire the drive and courage she has displayed in her past, and the positive outlook she has taken it all in with. She told me a little about Bridget, and asked me a few questions about myself while ascertaining the similarities the two of us have (from what I remember in particular, a love of indie rock and Disney).

At points in the conversation, TJ struck up a conversation with these disruptive boys who gave off an air of hooliganery and watching them interact was great fun for me (especially since I rarely even talk to people I know for no reason at all, let alone strangers). As she commented (here comes my poor paraphrase) "it's not often you see a forty-something dyke talk to three boys like them just out of the blue like they can do that." Then they asked us for a couple of dollars to get donuts and we both complied. They had this beach ball that TJ formed an attachment to and after they'd disposed of it, she asked if they would get it for her. A long time passed in our conversation, and surprisingly enough they came back with the beach ball, which had apparently gotten caught on the roof. I'm still amused and baffled that they went through so much trouble to get it for her. Eventually we parted ways after figuring out around when our next meeting could be.

During the conversation, TJ mentioned how she really did want a female editor to work on this. As a female editor, I can tell you that's not a particularly easy task. For some reason editing is one of those careers that does not attract a lot of women, sort of like comedy. While it may be because generally girls seem more attracted to more social occupations than editing, I think (and I believe TJ as well, from our conversation) that it has a lot to do with enablement in early life. I am positive that is true in at least comedy. Girls are not enabled to believe in themselves and their abilities with the same sort of gusto as a boy is. Girls are not generally encouraged to be funny or cerebral (which is to me a crime), and while we live in changing times and this may not be entirely true in the newer generations, it was certainly true for me growing up. And I'm a rebel at heart.

I remember a particular time when I was a kid, wherein my dad would quiz my brother on math and only ever ask him problems, and I threw a fit and demanded to be asked as well, pointing out that maybe the reason I didn't seem as good at math as my brother was because I received little to no encouragement (despite my natural affection for it), especially in comparison. I was very into women's rights at 8 years old, something that has only deepened and grown as I've gotten older.

Anyways, it occurs to me that I've written quite a lot (I'm just really excited to be here), and my hands are still a little bloated from an allergic reaction I had yesterday, so I'll end with a short list of things I'm particularly super excited about this project for:

+ I get to work with two very talented ladies
+ Getting to know them both is going to be such fun!
+ TJ's story is absolutely something that needs to get out there
+ Ellen!
+ TJ's drive to get herself out there and get things done to do so with
+ Editing!

And with that, I bid you adieu!

- Kristy

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm back and I brought a new friend

Guess who's back? Back again. TJ's back. Tell a friend!

Hello fans of TINY SUPERSTARS! I'm back and I'm pretty stoked about that. I hope you all enjoyed the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Unfortunately, here in Southern California--we have had nothing but 90 degree weather which made things a bit annoying. Either way--I enjoyed my "break" from the film and have been pretty productive with some other projects. Feel free to read to see what I've been up to.

I'm pretty sure you all know this, but I'll say it again. This film is close to my heart.  It's been one of the hardest yet most rewarding journeys of my life, and I'm eager to get back to it.

One of the coolest things about this project has been working side by side with Bridget. When we decided to do this--it was kind of a big deal. We've had challenges too. The biggest one has been.......well....I guess I just don't know what the biggest one has been. I know that it has been difficult for both of us to view this project strictly from a "professional" perspective. In other words--it's very personal and intimate for us both, so it's difficult to figure out which story to tell. Behind every story that you do tell--there is the one that you do not. Bridget recently told me that some of the best moments of this journey have happened when the camera wasn't rolling. We only have 50 hours of footage yet have  spent hundreds of hours "in the thick" of the story. Don't get me wrong--50 hours is more than enough--WAY more than enough--it's just not the full narrative.

Long story short--we've decided we need a fresh pair of eyes to edit the footage. When B first told me that she had decided not to edit the film--I was sad, disappointed, and a lil mad. But after I thought about it--I realized she was 100% right in her decision. (For the record--I too have made B feel sad, disappointed, and mad. That's just part of this process.) So anyway, Tiny Superstars needed to bring someone on who hadn't witnessed our full journey. Someone who was not personally connected to any of this. Someone who could take our footage and cut it down without a second thought. Someone who would help us get this done. Well, after screening 53 applicants--we have made our decision. The newest member of Tiny Superstars is.........Kristi Plotkin, and I could not be happier with this choice. Kristi will blog sometime this week to introduce herself and tell you on thoughts on the project. B and I will both be working closely with her and of course we are both still playing integral parts in the making of the film--we just really wanted a little help with this endeavor. Kristi has a HUGE job ahead of her, but seems pretty excited about the challenge. I'm sure she will post on here on the regular to keep everyone up to speed with what is going on.

Bridget and I are so very grateful to everyone who has stuck by us during this process. Your financial support, messages, constant support, and patience has meant the world to us. When we first began this process--we thought we could be done with the film by the end of the year. Well--that is just not going to happen--which is totally fine. I am so proud of the fact that we have actually taken the time to get it right instead of just throwing something together. For now--we are just taking it one day at a time and when we think it's ready--you'll be the first ones to know!

So there you have it. "The Artist Formally Known as Trina" is on it's way to being finished. Stay with us! More info will come soon AND so will all of your kickstarter rewards. We didn't forget. Thank you video will be up tomorrow so watch for that!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Back to Business

Alright folks...after two very empty months here on TinySuperstars we are back.  And we have a bit of news!

After long consideration, lots of contemplation, and even a little bickering (shocking...I know) TJ and I have decided to bring in a little assistance for our film.  Effective this week we are bringing a new member to the team.  Kristi will be coming aboard as the editor!  And we are super excited about it!
I will be working alongside Kristi and TJ to create the finished product we know this film will be!  I am so grateful for the help we are getting and excited to be working within my role as director and cinematographer.

There will be much more to come in regards to our newest addition very soon, as well as more on what your OG superstars have been up to!

It's good to be back ya'll.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

TS Announcement


After a two month hiatus, TinySuperstars will be making an announcement TOMORROW!!  It's kindaaa a big deal.

So tell a friend and be sure to check back TOMORROW!!


Spread the word. :)


Monday, August 20, 2012

That's a wrap!

Today, August 20th, we have wrapped the production stage of "The Artist Formerly Known as 'Trina'".  What exactly does that mean?  Let me tell you...

Filmmaking is defined by three stages:
Pre-Production: This was the "foreplay" stage.  This is the stage of the film where all of the the planning and preparation takes place.  Deciding when, where and who to film, acquiring funds, getting equipment..that is all pre-production.
Production: This is the stage where the raw footage is shot.  This included shooting in the classroom, the comedy clubs, interviews and the Iowa adventure. 
This is the stage that we have just finished as of 2:30 pm today.  Which means we are moving on to the 3rd phase.
Post-Production: If pre-production is foreplay and production is "the deed", well then post-production is the baby that comes after.  This stage is where raw footage becomes a movie.  Images and sound are edited together to create a story.  This is where to dozens of hours of footage get whittled down to one cohesive film, with characters you love and story you can follow.  It is not a quick process, it is not an easy process, but in the end it's worth it.  Just like a baby, right?

We are officially in the post-production phase.  This means that the camera is no longer rolling.  We have the pieces of the puzzle, now it's time to put them together.  I am admittedly very nervous about this next step.  It seems like a huge undertaking to re-visit hours upon hours of footage and scrubbing through equal amounts of audio.  But I have a vision, and I have a plan.  At the same time this is a process and it will take some time.  (Hopefully, unlike growing a baby, this process will NOT take 9 months.)

The last 5 months since we started this movie have flown by.  I have no doubt that the next 2 will pass just a quickly.  Honestly I can't even imagine what the next 8 weeks without Teej around are going to be like, but after talking it through, we decided that this was the best avenue to take.  This decision was made on a professional level, it is NOTHING personal between TJ and myself (I'm sure some of you were there it is).  I know you all are going to miss the hell out of TJ's posts, I will, too.  Luckily for you, you can follow her on her personal blog  I have always been a follower of Ghettopolitan myself and am looking forward to catching back up with it!  In her absence I will be sure to keep you all updated on the progress of the film as it starts to come together (and maybe just a general life update every once in a while!)

As always, I have unending gratitude for each and every one of you that is sitting on the other side of the internet reading our blog.  I cannot believe we are coming up on 10, 000 views.  Thank you so much for being patient with us as we make this transition, it will be worth it...I promise!

That's a wrap!


The next step, a break, and what that means

Hey blog readers. I hope you all had a great weekend. Just wanted to post a little something to fill you all in with what's up with the film. Bridget and I truly appreciate each and every one of you, and are grateful for your support. You will all be kept up to date regarding the project, so check in from time to time. If you are new to this blog, feel free to start from the beginning. We've had quite a journey thus far.


As much as I love working with Bridget and being an integral part of the process, we have decided to part ways for a short time. What does this mean? Well--it means that my part is done for now and Bridget rightfully so needs some space for creativity. Bridget now has the daunting or exciting (depends on who you talk to) task of sifting through fifty hours of footage then piecing  it together to create a film. I'm a distraction and I need to respect my place in this process. Bridget cannot possibly make an honest film about what she has seen in the last five months if I am always hovering and questioning her decisions.

Bridget has told me this from time to time:

I have to let go and trust, so that is exactly what I am going to do. I know that whatever Bridget creates--it will be brilliant. She's a gifted artist with a vision, lots of courage, and a huge amount of wherewithal. Frankly--I'd be scared to death so I really admire her for taking this on.  I'm sure she has fears too, but facing fears creates greatness which is why I know with every fiber of my being that this film will be a winner. So--for the next two months I will not have contact with Bridget or be posting on this blog. I will miss them both very much!! I'm sure Bridget will keep you all updated with the process when she has time. A lot goes into making a film and right now it's more about doing instead of simply writing about it, but like I said--you will all be kept up to speed. If you have any questions regarding this project please email Bridget at She will gladly answer them or will send them on to me. Just know that even though we do not post on here as often as we used to--we are moving through the process quite nicely.

If you'd like to keep up with my goings on--please check out That's my own personal blog and it's pretty cool.

Please send good vibes to B Naj as she begins the editing process. We all believe in her and I'm hopeful she knows that and also believes in herself. I picked her for a reason and wouldn't have it any other way. This journey was meant to be, and even though it hasn't been the easiest journey--it has been life changing--at least for me. I can't speak for B Naj.

That's all I have everyone. Thanks for your support. You should all be receiving round two of your rewards very soon so watch out for that.

See you all in late October.


Saturday, August 11, 2012


To tinysuperstars readers: This post is just for Bridget. One for our adoring fans will be posted soon. Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Comedy, the next chapter, and gravy

Hey blog readers. This will be a quick post. I just wanted to give everyone my comedy schedule in case you wanted to catch me at my finest. Also--I will be back in the classroom starting on August 20th. I'm looking forward to the semester.

In September, I will be performing in a number of shows as well as producing some of my own shows so watch out for that info. The best way to keep up with my goings on is to check out That's my personal blog, and it will be updated by tonight as well maintained on a regular basis.

All is well with both tiny superstars. We appreciate all of the support that everyone has given us. Stay tuned for updates on the film, as things are coming along nicely. On Wednesday, we will be wrapping up  another chapter. My work is pretty much done--now it's B's turn to shine. Kudos to her for putting up with me for the last 5 months and kudos to her for being brave enough to accept the challenge of making a film. I wouldn't be able to do either of those things. This project has forced both of us to face our fears, and for that I am grateful. As far as I'm concerned--we've already done more than we set out to do. The rest is just gravy--and I really really like gravy. I look forward to enjoying said gravy--no matter how it is prepared. True story. Ok--here is my schedule. B will post soon. Thanks for believing in us! TJ

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Directions and Random Thoughts

Hello blog readers. I thank you for checking in. I'll start today's post with a few shout outs!!!
Shout out to the following:
1. My "better half," Myriam. Myriam is in Mexico with her family. I miss her a lot and want her to know that I'm thinking about her everyday. Yeah--that's kinda sappy, but--hey--that's how I roll. Myriam is like the greatest thing in the world. No wait. She is the greatest thing in the world. Come home SOON!

Feel free to add to the stereotype!

2. Jessica Hardy. Jessica is a friend of mine and is currently in London representing  the USA with her awesome swimming skills. JH is one of my heroes. Her patience, persistence, and perseverance astound me. Team Hardy--always!

Yeah--she's pretty amazing

3. Tatiana. My friend Tatiana passed away yesterday and left a legacy like none other. Tatiana was a brilliant poet, a brave soul, and a teacher of many things. Her zeal for life and acceptance of death defined true freedom. She will be missed.


4. B Naj. Y'all know B Naj. Well--shout out to her. She grew a pair and kinda changed my life. Also, we finally found that balance we were looking for. It was totally her fault that it took so long!!! I'm kidding of course. HAHA

One of my favorite snaps

My Japanese students. I normally call my students "kittens," but a friend suggested that I call them hello kitties. Ya know cuz they are Japanese. I won't tell you who said that because it's kinda racist. Oh--what the hell--it was Bridget. Anyway, I LOVED every minute that I got  to spend with them. Arigatou!!


Ok--now that the "shout outs" are done I'll get on with things. Ready? Here we go.
All is well with both tiny superstars, and things are progressing nicely with the film. After taking a short break to recover from the "Iowa adventures," B and I finally got to sit down and discuss what was next.  The meeting we had was pretty frickin awesome. We have actually decided to take some new directions with our project, and I could not be happier. 

For those of you who don't know me--I usually do most things in a big big way. This is not only exhausting, but can also wreak a lot of havoc in my life. I have been reeling since the Iowa show. In fact, until last week I was more of a spaz than usual . I think B can vouch for that. LOL!! I've said this in previous posts, but I will say it again--this has been a life changing summer. I have decided to take a few steps back and enjoy the things that are in front of me. I've decided to simplify things and allow whatever is going to happen to happen in its own time. What does this mean? Well--without disclosing too much I've come to a few conclusions and I'd like to share them with y'all. 

Intensity has always been one of my greatest strengths AND one of my greatest weaknesses. When I do something--I like to start here:

The greatest--first place

I should for all intents and purposes start here:

Welcome to Glee club; let's have fun.

That's the cast of GLEE btw, and the name of their group is fittingly--"New Directions." See--even when they are on hiatus they still inspire me.

I usually start here:

Gold and Grill

I SHOULD start here:

Just testing the waters

As far as the film goes--I was here:

Oh--our film will be featured

When I shoulda been here:

Let's make a plan, B. She said it best when she told me "Teej, stop trying to sell a product that we don't even have yet." SNAP!

This is how I pictured the premiere:

Look at all the people who love me

But this would be just as awesome:

ALWAYS choose quality over quantity!

The bottom line is this--we are making this film for US--not for anyone else.  If the masses want to see it--that will be cool. If they do not--it won't matter at all.

My recent "a ha moment" has put a lot into perspective. While I still plan on pursuing a comedy career I first need to step back and refocus my energies. I have a few shows scheduled for August and September and I'm really excited about them. I guess you can say that I am no longer in a place of desperation--a place I see so many other comics in. I am in a place of self awareness and plan on performing under my own terms. I will no longer do "bringer" shows or sit for three hours to perform for three minutes in front of three people. I will no longer be discouraged because I haven't had my "big break." Instead--I will focus that time and strength to write stories and sets that I can be proud of. I've put my time in--I've hoed my talent, pled for acceptance, and agonized way too much about how other people view me. Fuck it. I'm a good comic, a good friend, a good daughter, a good partner, and a good teacher. Big things will happen for me--in fact--they already are. I have a lot of support and have already made an impact on this earth. I want to take a moment to appreciate those who have always been there for me and to pat myself on the back for what I have already done. This newfound sense that I am both lovable and unforgettable instead of lovable yet forgettable can only bring more awesomeness into my life. I'm super stoked about the next chapter. I was already writing the next book--when the first one wasn't even done!!

Well--that was quite the post. I think I'll leave you all with a list of some sort. I guess it's just gonna be a list of random thought so--enjoy.

1. The banjolele is by far the greatest musical instrument of all time
2. Everyone needs to STOP talking about Chick Fil A. Just stop--I don't give a rat's ass about which side you are on. As the fattest nation in the world, we should stop eating fast food instead of worrying about what some "suit" believes is right or wrong.
3. They are remaking Steel Magnolias with an all black cast. LOVE!!!! Can't wait.
4. I've decided to study some form of Martial Art. Any suggestions would be cool.
5. I want Eminem to guest star on Sesame Street
6. How is ZSA ZSA GABOR still alive?
7. If I were an Olympian I would ALWAYS wear a cape. ALWAYS.
8. I'm actually really excited for the upcoming Will Ferrell movie. Yes--I really am.
9. The person who aired the commercial starring the monkey doing gymnastics RIGHT AFTER the interview with Gabby Douglas should be fired.
10. I think our next President should be chosen via Hunger Games.
11. Bridal expos are disgusting in every single way.
12. B got a new juicer over a month ago. I don't think she has used it yet which is weird.
13. The game of chess is completely overrated.
14. Every time I watch The Golden Girls I realize that only one of them is still alive--then I shed a tear or two.
15. What is the point of poppy seeds?

Ok--that is it for today. Thanks for reading. B will post next, so definitely watch out for that. I thought her last post about Iowa was brilliant and I am so very glad she enjoyed my home state, my family, and my friends. Keep it real people. TJ

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Iowa Episode 3

When I last left you all, we were at the part of the trip where we were en route to Joker's Comedy Club, where TJ was going to be performing in less than 2 hours.  I realize that I have spent a lot of time in my last two posts building up to the actual climax of the Iowa trip: TJ's slow.  It seems almost monumental. Well let me tell you something, monumental was exactly how it felt.  This was the night that we had been waiting for for over 3 months.  The build up was dramatic and suspenseful.  We were at the climax. And now for the closing chapter of the Iowa saga:

As I've mentioned before, there was nothing that in Waterloo that took more than 10 minutes to get to.  Unless of course you have never been to Waterloo and have a tendency to get lost, as I do.  It didn't seem like it would be that hard, there is one Main Street and it's maybe 4 blocks long.  But if you drive all the way down it you end up on a highway.  
This is the actual Google map of how to get back to Joker's from the highway.
Yes, I have the humor  of an 8 year old boy sometimes.
We finally made it Joker's where I saw the following:

I have never felt more professional in my entire life.

Scott and I found TJ sitting upstairs in a corner, listening to Glee (of course).  She was calm and collected.  Not a nerve in sight (she may tell you differently, but that was certainly how it appeared).  Due to my faulty navigating, we were a little short on time, so we scouted out our best viewing positions, set up our gear and prepared for whatever was about to happen.  Shortly after 9 pm I saw TJ making her way downstairs, I turned my camera on and followed after her as she navigated through the crowd and to the stage, where a sea of family, friends, school mates and strangers were waiting with anticipation.  It was show time...

TJ has posted about the show in her blogs, so some of you have an idea of how the whole thing went.  But let me just say this:  The performance that TJ put on that night at Joker's was her absolutely BEST performance that I have ever seen (until she went out on the stage Saturday and out did herself, again!).  She absolutely killed it.  The crowd loved her and she loved them.  She was one of them and so foreign to them at the same time.  The laughs were big and the cheers were loud.  It is almost hard to write about because I can't find the words to say just how amazing the whole experience was.  

After both performances, TJ was SWARMED by her old friends (and new fans).  There was literally a line for over an hour each night of people waiting to congratulate, talk to, catch up with, take a picture with or get an autograph from TJ.  It was astounding, she was truly a superstar.
Old friends reunited!
TJ and family!

We stuck around late Saturday night after the show. At midnight it was officially TJ's 41st birthday.  Everyone had a drink in her honor.  The DJ played "Get Low", which if you don't know, is basically TJ's favorite song, and she made her way out to the dance floor.  It was a blast!

Happy Birthday, Teej!

In the days following the performances, TJ showed us what it was like to be an Iowan.  We traveled to her hometown in Newhartford.  Saw her old school and the house she grew up in.  We had "Maid Rite" sandwiches, which we were told is an Iowa staple.  We saw lots of corn (Scott really likes corn fields now).  

On the last full day of our trip we went out for an official birthday dinner with TJ, Myriam, and TJ's immediate family.  I had an actual Iowa steak and potatoes.  It was DELICIOUS.  TJ had to sit on a saddle whilst the staff of Texas Roadhouse sang to her.  It was HILARIOUS.  After dinner we made our way back to the lobby of our hotel to conduct our final interviews.  Honestly, this was the part of the trip I was most nervous about. First of all, I am not Barbara Walters or Oprah.  Interviewing people is not my strongest skill.  I hate being put on the spot, so of course I also hate putting others on the spot.  One by one we walked family members into our semi-private interview area while everyone else sat in the lobby.  I felt like an executioner walking each of these people to the electric chair.  (Okay, that's a little dramatic, I was just going to be asking them a few questions..) Sometimes in interviewing, you feel like a bully, but you have to keep pushing.  I feel very lucky to have had such cooperation and understanding from everyone interviewed. 

We wrapped up the final interview of the night and said our goodbyes.  It was truly a sad moment, I felt like we had become some sort of extension of the Huberg-Dewey clan. On the day we left we were able to stop by Jackie's house one final time for some lunch and a little wrap up.  And then before we knew it, we were on our way back to San Diego.  

We literally spent 1/3 of our time traveling to and from Iowa.  It made everything sort of a whirlwind.   That being said, it was an amazing whirlwind.  I know there is so much more to say about our trip, it's just hard to sort it out. (And I'm sure this is not the last time I will write about Iowa)  Luckily, we've got most of it on film!  But if I could have spared another week, I would have stayed.  I met dozens of new people and I loved every last one of them.  To everyone who showed up, introduced themselves,  welcomed us into their home, thank you SO much.  We couldn't have done any of this without you.

Here are some of the photos I took along the way:
There was a fireworks aisle in the grocery store.  God bless the mid-west.
Pretty Myriam!
Contemplative Scott
Mmmm, road kill.
Has anyone outside of Iowa ever heard of this product?
What qualifications does a beer have to have to make it friendly?