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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lonely Tea Time

Hello Tiny Superstar friends!

I HAD a present for you, but it's misbehaving so I'll wait on sharing the clip with you another day so that I can bring you a post, as an update must be better than nothing.

As of now, I have that clip thrown together, as well as 3 edits of the Iowa Show for a DVD (day 1, day 2, and an amalgamation of both days) which I believe TJ is planning on selling in addition to sending out to our lovely backers. So, for those of you who won't get one by being a backer, and who either missed the show or want to remember it always, stay tuned for more on that later. (huzzah for rewards!)

I will be taking the next week to really buckle down and assess how to put all the footage together for maximum story awesome, once my editing program and my computer cooperate with the footage and release what I've edited for your viewing pleasure.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, and while it's kind of scary to have such a big project to put together, it's also super exciting. There's a lot of themes and ideas expressed in the footage that I really want to reveal in a proper way. My biggest fear with what I have to edit is portraying an incomplete story - something that is one-sided and doesn't show the kind of understanding and acceptance that I think has played an integral part in TJ's story. Somebody doesn't become as awesome and well-rounded as TJ without going through a lot of crap, so there's a lot of less savory topics to cover that because I personally don't know the people in her life, I'm very concerned with portraying them incorrectly.

I've always believed people don't hurt others intentionally, and that everything we do is simply because we think it's best for ourselves, for our families, for our friends, and for society. Sometimes it really is for the best, and sometimes it's misguided. I don't really believe in good and bad. And as a filmmaker, especially one in America, that is a very hard thing to hold on to in a final product, because you often get accused of not having a point of view or that you have a weak story. To me, strength is found in a well-rounded subject that makes you really think about your own morals and definitions and whatnot. It doesn't have to change your mind, it just needs to make you think. I have some really strong viewpoints on a lot of things, but I absolutely love thinking about what leads people to viewpoints opposite my own, and I love encouraging other people to essentially put themselves in others' shoes as well.

One of the biggest challenges I faced in putting together the clip... I think I mentioned to you guys that I always try to listen for "sound bytes," and the key reason for that is to summarize or highlight something and bring it together, which, as you probably know, is how you throw a trailer together. The problem with sound bytes is that they're quick and dirty ways to hash information together. They are immediate points of view that have no context. They cause a lot of problems a lot of the time. So yeah. I did a lot of looking into other documentaries and the choices they made for promoting their movies, and reflecting on the two documentaries I've worked on in the past and how I threw clips for them together. There are some easy choices I could make with throwing this together, but I really want the trailer to accurately portray the themes of the movie - which are actually the only definites I have about it right now, other than it's about TJ. So... I hope I did okay, because I'm never fully satisfied with what I throw together.

Anyways, I'm currently sitting at home attempting to enjoy this lonely tea time I've put together because I started feeling dizzy and then ill a bit ago which makes me sad because I wanted to see TJ's show tonight and also get some more honey from the farmer's market across the street from the Improv because as you can see I am running low. I am hoping I am not getting my roommate's sick, because he has been miserable since yesterday. It does give me more time to figure out the mixdown problems I guess. One solution is just re-editing the trailer and re-importing all the footage, which would suck, but at least it would fix it. Theoretically.


- Kristy

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  1. Your updates are great! Your tea time so elaborate. <3