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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update and what to expect in the next 6 months

I'm not sure what the etiquette is about when you can no longer say Happy New Year, and frankly, I don't care--so--Happy New Year to the readers, fans, and even the foes of Tiny Superstars. Bridget told me today that no one reads our blog anymore. I do not believe that is true, and I am here to prove her wrong. Ok--I'll fill you all in on what is happening. Ready? Here we go:

First and foremost I want to wish two of the tiny superstars a happy birthday. Kristy's special day was Jan 1st and Bridget's was on Jan 12th. They are now 24 and 25 years old which means two things: 1.) I am old as hell and 2.) Bridget can now legally rent a car. So--Happy Birthday, kittens. I hope your day was wonderful.

Ok, so things are moving along nicely--well--sort of. Bridget and Kristy have yet to meet, but besides that--e'erthing is on track. The release date we are now shooting for is July 1st which of course is my birthday. I'm 99.9% sure that we will make that goal. Some things that you can expect before the release date:

1. The IOWA DVD. I will be sending copies of my Iowa show to some of our backers AND to the many people who are about to buy it. Link will be up by Thursday. DVD will be $10 with free shipping. This DVD will also include an Iowa show soundtrack AND my new chapbook (TJ Takes on the World of Food) ALL proceeds will go to Tiny Superstars and will help us with distribution costs, film festival entry fees, and maybe something gangsta' for me. We will see.

2. The Tiny Superstars dinner which is for our very special backers who donated $150 or more and checked the box marked SPECIAL REWARD. The dinner will be super fun. I'll be cooking the meal--Bridget will make the dessert and look pretty, and Kristy will probably bring her own food, because she is one of "those" people. LOL!! We are all looking forward to celebrating with Emily, Steven, Juan, Summer, Erin, Mary, and Justin. I'm sure Sarah, Dustin, and Jess will also be joining us, and I'll probably bring my better half. We will post pictures from this dinner. Cheers in advance.

3. A video of Bridget doing karaoke. We promised this so very long ago, and I plan on seeing it through.

4. A premiere/special preview of the film. This will be a really fun event, because all of our hard work will have paid off, and we will be able to celebrate. More info on that will come soon. The backers who donated $75 or more will receive free entrance and VIP treatment at this event, and everyone else will have an opportunity to buy tickets to this catered soiree.

5. A date for the Ellen Show. We are working really hard to get Ellen the footage she needs to help us promote this film. Since several hundred of you wrote into the show, Ellen has agreed to have me on to discuss the film as well as my story. We do not have a date for this yet, but it will happen. You will see me on Ellen before the end of the year. I promise.

6. Photos: Carrie will be taking a few snaps of all of us for promotion and such. I'm not interested in climbing another mountain for a photoshoot. Hopefully that won't be a requirement this time.

7. Blog posts from B Naj and Kristy along with some clips and such. In order for Bridget to write a post though--we have to make sure she knows peeps are reading so leave a comment if you can.

So there ya go. That's a lot of stuff for you all to expect.

Kristy is working diligently of the ten million piece puzzle that will become a film, Bridget is slammed with a new full time job AND an internship, and I'm still teaching and doing the funny. Please check out for more on what's up with me or follow me on twitter @tjishilarious

Thanks for reading everyone. We really do appreciate the support, and you all know how I like proving Bridget wrong. I'm still enjoying this journey, and am looking forward to next week when B and K will finally have a face to face conversation about The Artist Formally Known as Trina. Be back soon. I'll leave you with a recent snap of me and my banjolele for your viewing pleasure.



  1. *You can only say HAPPY NEW YEAR through January 7th. After that it is no longer relevant or proper etiquette


  2. I think I kinda need a Banjolele...and can't wait for din-din! :)

    1. YAY to both:) We need to see you and sum soon! Yes--let's get you a banjolele, but be forewarned--the chicks dig it.

  3. I love the pic!!!!! I cannot wait for the video of your Iowan show and I'm especially stoked for your chapbook!!!!! 2013 is cooking up deliciously!!!! <3

  4. Can't wait for another photo shoot, no mountains this time..... Haha Matt and I would love to the premier so let us know.