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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is there anybody out there?

Can anyone hear me?

My god I've almost forgotten what it's like to write one of these things!  

Hi readers! Bridget here.  For those of you who've been keeping track, it has been just shy of 2 weeks since the last TinySuperstars post.  Some of you probably want to punch both of us in the face.  We are so sorry for that!   Last time we checked in we had OFFICIALLY landed our funding through Kickstarter, though we haven't receive a penny of it yet.  It's not like at 9:00pm on the 31st someone showed up with a giant "publisher's clearing house" size check.  No, there is a short waiting period (I suppose so they can send out their mobsters door to door to make people hand over their money.  Just kidding...I hope...)  No matter the reason, after 2 long weeks we should be getting that money tomorrow!

Here is a brief recap of what's happened since we last spoke:
TJ performed for homeless vets and LOVED it.
I bought tickets to go to IOWA!
TJ and I both have alternated being sick.
I am in between places at my parents house but am slowly moving my things into my new place, I should be officially living there by the end of next week.
TJ put together an AWESOME mix tape for our backers.  You guys are gonna love it.

Plus 1,000 other things.  One thing we have not  It is interesting because as of June 1st, we have entered the busiest month of this project.  Between getting funded, TJ's interview (no rescheduling this time!), Iowa, and TJ's birthday, we are both kicking it into high gear.  You'd think we'd have SO much to say but at this point it has become less about talking about the project and more DOING the project.  But I am CERTAIN that we are going to be back in July with a ton of really interesting stories!  That is not to say that we will be leaving the blog unattended.  I will be beginning a series entitled "The Bartender Chronicles".  In order to prepare you for this, I am attaching an instructional video.  Consider it "Bartending 101".

Here's what is coming up in the next week:
TJ has like 4 shows...she's on fire!
On Saturday I get to go to my girlfriend Emily's engagement party!
Father's Day (in case you all forgot..better go get a card)
The NBA finals continue (for the sports fans out there...GO THUNDER!)
And on Monday, my interview with TJ for the film!

It's gonna be another busy one.  I will be back on Tuesday to fill you all in!

To those of you still reading, we've not forgotten you!  Thanks for not forgetting us!

Talk soon!


  1. bahhh!!! This video gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it! So glad you posted it!

  2. Yay tiny superstars. Welcome back. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. Hilarious!! Rock on Tinysuperstars!!Mary N.

  4. I frickin LOVE that video. The "Do you have any gum" bitch is my favorite one. Also, I'd love to have that "I'll rock you like a hurricane" shirt. That would be the coolest thing ever. Great post B!

  5. HAHA! AWESOME Video!
    Glad you're back!

  6. B Naj, love your post! Can't wait to see you sooooon!!!
    Mama Najour, love your comment even more! :)