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Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's the final countdown!

Readers!  Iowa week is upon us!  It is actually not as chaotic as I was expecting...maybe it's a weird "calm before the storm" type thing, or maybe we are legitimately prepared!  Either's happening and it's happening soon!

Here is a recap of the last week:
- I am writing you from my new digs in Mission Valley, CA...walking distance from the San Diego Charger's stadium <3
- On Monday I spent the day in Long Beach with TJ.  We finally filmed her interview for the film!  It will likely not be the only interview, but it was the big one!  And it went really, really well!  It felt good to check that off the list.  We also had milkshakes at Ruby's and TJ helped me with my resume.  Oh! And if you see Myriam..ask her to tell you her pony joke! 
- TJ and Myriam just spent some time in Santa Maria with M's fan.
- I have spent all week moving boxes and furniture and spending way too much cash between Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

TJ will be hitting the road for Iowa in 48 hours, I will be flying in on Thursday.

Here is a list of the things I have to do before Thursday:
- Buy a new tripod.
- Stock up on extra memory cards and an extra camera battery.
- Pack 
Though I have visited surrounding areas, I actually have no idea how to pack for Iowa.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

TJ has a bad case of strep, so send healing vibes her way!  If she can't talk, she has a few days to learn how to mime her show in Iowa.

Thought of the day: Shawn and Cory from "Boy Meets World" were pioneers in "bromance" movement.

I'd love to promise one more update before Iowa, but with as fast as time is flying, I'd hate to make a promise I can't keep. But I will try to write one from the airplane!

We love ya'll!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I have never seen an episode of Boy Meets World so thank you Bridget for making me feel ancient.

  2. TJ hope you feel better. I am so excited for yours and Bridget's trip to Iowa. I know it will be awesome! Mary N.

  3. TJ, Bridget, Have an amazing time in Iowa! It's going to be epic! <3