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Monday, July 9, 2012

Two weeks later--we are back. Wanna see some pics of our adventures? Of course you do!

Hello friends and fans of Tiny Superstars. It's been two weeks since our last post and I am sure you have all missed us. Thanks for checking in. Ready? Here we go!

Here is a list of what has happened in the last two weeks:

1. Bridget moved into her new place. Today I sent my housewarming gift. You should all follow suit.

2. I got a throat infection, bronchitis, and double pink eye the day before we left for our road trip. Also, I think I am getting too old for road trips. This is how I felt! Not even Beaverwater made me feel better! It was horrible. I didn't think I'd be able to perform once we arrived.

3. B sent her resume in for a really cool job/internship. I have a good feeling about this one. I hope her coworkers and bosses are as difficult to work with as I am--then she will see that she is the weird one. HAHA

4. I drove across the country with Myriam to do two shows in IOWA. Myriam drove the entire 2,000 miles because I was so very sick. It was a tough trip, but we made it. Once we arrived--my cousin Jackie had dinner and activities planned. Iowa steak sandwiches and trampolines. I rocked em both--still sick mind you!

5. B and Scott flew out to IOWA to film said shows. We lost a whole day of filming because of plane delays and small airports, but that's the way it goes I guess. Hopefully they got what they needed or can come back. Everyone would love to have them come back. The "bring back Scott and Bridget fund" stands at $220. Here they are at the Waterloo Airport. The whole Airport. 22 hours late:(

My cousin Jackie prepared a special feast/party in my honor. We ate great food and I got to pick my own birthday cake design. Lots of peeps came to the dinner. Friends of Jackies's, some of my family including my cousin Stevie who flew in from Atlanta just to see me. Bridget and Scott were also there to partake in the pre show feast and fun.

Best birthday cake ever!
I throw my hands up in the air sometimes.

Stevie and I rock it old school with two kinds of pop!
Pre show confidence! I puked 5 minutes later

B and Scott kickin it with sloppy joes and fuck H8 bracelets. That's my boo!

6. I performed two amazing shows, made my first legit pay in comedy, reconnected with a lot of old friends, found out some interesting information, and drank a lot of whiskey. Below: My first marquee and the stage at Joker's!
My first Marquee
simple stage. perfect for storytelling
Every thought imaginable is running through my mind

Last minute pep talk or something! I remember I didn't like this part.
Awesome crowd. Filled the place both nights.
Legit film making

Brilliant thoughts must be going through that mind! Or she could be thinking that every single person in the club with the exception of my wife was white!
4th grade Social Studies teacher, Mr Garth! He thinks I'm super awesome.

Volleyball coach and Science teacher, Mr Bennett. He said he'd never been more proud of anyone in his life.

My wife supports everything I do. Also--she's hot
My parents. In case you are wondering--I did NOT tone down my act. They liked it just the way it was!

Scott has been accepted as one of us. I think he's in a farmer gang now. His gang name: Scruples

We really do love each other! Tiny SuperStars keepin it real. B Naj is the bomb! She punched me right in the face after this picture was taken!

Bridget playing with Scott's equipment. Seems legit to me.
Close ups and autographs--looks like I made it! Oh--and the tip jar is full.
Rosie, Kim, and Mikki. I had not seen them in 23 years. We are back to being besties again. It took like 35 seconds to reconnect!

Cousins Blaine, Stevie, and Jackie. Oh and the sexy man on the right is my baby brother! He loved the show.

Dawn and Janeane--they offered love and support. It was awesome.

Big group of classmates. So much love. They reminded me why I  am proud of being from the midwest. They also reminded me why I left. LOL

Cousins and major backers for tiny superstars!

7. B and Scott saw parts of Iowa, met my family, got a ton of footage, and ate real Iowa food. I think they liked it. I'm hopeful that B Naj will talk about Iowa in her next post. Here's a few snaps but B has most of those!
I always call B a Brat. These buns were made for her. LOL <3

Yes--my hometown. Everyone was very excited.

Ordering lunch at my favorite diner. Can u tell which one is me? Americana with a twist of TJ

My birthday dinner. I'm officially 41 and sitting on a saddle. Whatever! I'll do anything for free ice cream.

Confronting the evil step grandmother who stole my inheritance. Hadn't seen her in 23 years. It was a quick visit. Karma seems to be visiting her. LOL

It was suggested that I try Busch Light so here I am choosing which case to buy!

My nephew and I each got a rack of ribs and a steak. We also got fried pickles. Scott and Bridget got to have Iowa steaks. They loved it. Truth be told--I think they liked everything in Iowa

This speaks for itself

Bridget wants a puppy. She forgot about the movie for awhile and enjoyed her new furry friend. His name is Tiny. Another is named Superstar.

Sign from my former school

Everybody is figuring out what the next step will be. So much to see--so little time!

B and Scott were interviewing my family. It was either pinball or a fifth of whiskey--I chose the pinball

8. I got a banjolele. Yes--it's true. Did you hear me? A banjolele. I have wanted one for so very long. The $ that I made in tips was matched by a friend so I could fulfill my dream of owning a banjolele.

I cannot wait to learn how to play!

9. All is well. I spent the last week camping with my family. I'll post about that later in the week. Bridget will post later in the week and give you her thoughts on Iowa. I'll just leave with the following words:
These last few weeks have been some of the best in my life. I feel brave yet am humbled by all of the support. Great things are ahead for both of us. It was an honor having B and Scott make this journey. I simply cannot wait to hear their thoughts. I do know she enjoyed her time here--even though I was a spaz--she's learnin how to deal with my sensitivity and I'm learnin how to deal with it too. LOL! B is a courageous woman. She has impacted my life in more ways than I thought possible. I hope I can return the favor. I'm pretty pumped and anxious about the film. We got some new backers, did some networking, and have a lot of support to finish this project. B has a TON of work to do in the next 5 months. If you have any skills or experience in production and want to assist her in anyway--please contact her at Helping with the film will look great for your resume. It's going to be brilliant, honest, and something we will all be proud of. Please continue supporting us by reading our blog, contributing, offering us words of encouragement, volunteering, etc etc. Thanks everyone! That's all I have today. I'll leave with a haiku and will be back Wednesday.

Iowa was not
The way I thought it would be
But still frickin rocked



  1. Reading it made me feel like I was there. Luv to all the tinies but especially TJ. ps. No farm gang would ever take Scruples.

  2. As your number one backer, I expect top executive billing in the credits. T9 por vida.

  3. Great post TJ. U had Beaver Water in Utah. Didn't realize it was an actual thing and not just a hilarious euphemism.

    1. Er...I had Beaver Water in UT...also, don't know why I'm's me, Erin.

  4. TJ! What an amazing post! What an incredible trip this must have been. I loved seeing the photos! You're so happy! So loved! You truly are amazing TJ Huberg and I love you! Glad you and Myriam Rare are back. I missed you guys more than a convict does sunshine!