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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The adventures of B Naj and Teej

Hey blog readers. Thanks for checking in. Today's post will look at the adventures to B Naj and Teej--AKA TINY SUPERSTARS!!!!

I decided to use some photos of some of everyone's favorite famous duos as well as some random bits I found online to discuss and attempt to explain-----our journey. Ready? Here we go! Read the captions to get the story!

In 2006, I was Bridget's Public Speaking Professor. I've taught about 3,000 students over the years--there are probably 10 that I would do a project like this with--she is one of them.


She has always been too smart for her own good
In March of 2012 I posted something on facebook about making a documentary. Bridget responded and I thought that was pretty awesome. We met up about a week later at Nordstrom's Cafe and both of us proceeded to order from the children's menu. Within about three minutes--it was clear to us both that this was gonna be a good fit. We'd been facebook friends, but hadn't really spoken since 2006--that didn't matter. We caught up and reconnected right away. The film  project was underway. In the beginning--it was new and very exciting! We talked a lot about our plans, got to know each other, and were pretty stoked about the whole thing!

Girl you know it's true!
Nothing but fun and games!

Then--after a few weeks we realized that we were very different in a lot of ways. B thinks! I feel. B is private. I am public. B let's things go. I do not. B likes a laid back itinerary. I do not. B is an introvert. I am the opposite. Please--do not get me wrong--this can be a good thing--especially when working on a project, but it was an adjustment for us. That's when we began our search for balance--the search continues.
Bridget is on the left--me, I'm the spaz on the right

Balance is hard to find, but it's totally do able!
We are a mismatched pair but a pair nonetheless

head and heart--they can work together
Though I think being unstable can make the best art--balance is kinda essential too.  I guess it is anyway.                   
I'll also mention here that we are nearly a generation apart. B was one year old when I graduated from high school. Basically--I know more than her and she is a brat. LOL. I'm kidding of course--kind of! We see the world differently--and sometimes that makes things hard--sometimes it makes things awesome. B definitely helps me stay young--and I'm pretty certain I've taught her a thing or two.


Here are a few pics of some duos who made things work despite their differences:
Officer Fife was given one bullet that he had to keep in his pocket. Sheriff Taylor (Bridget) ran the town in a very laid back manner. Fife was always eager to press on--Taylor liked to go fishing and knew everything would get done in its own time

Music. Singing songs about summertime and how parents just don't understand can really be bonding. We both like the group fun.
Forrest listened to Bubba talk about shrimp for hours and hours. 

Larue was allowed to be herself--Gidget was too.  Both brought their own "spice of life" to whatever they did.
No need to explain. 
A common bond is always good to find--they both liked to beat the shit out of other people so obviously they should become friends. 

Coolness rubs off--it always does. I'm not even gonna say who is the cooler of the tiny superstars--it's pretty obvious to everyone.

Being bitchy at the same time is always a win win
B likes to be behind the scenes but is far more sexy than I., so basically--we are both Chuy and we are both Chelsea. B's sense of humor is pretty crass. I can smell her sarcasm from a mile away.

Hippie + Cholo is the same as a hipster + a gangsta/fag. Hey--it works for us.  I'm  wondering if smoking a joint would help us in times of trouble..........hmmmmm

 We are making a film together. This is a lot of work--in every sense of the word. I adore Bridget and know this film will be amazing--I like to know what's going on pretty much on a daily basis. She of course is constantly calm--or acting in a hipster "I'm too cool to care" way and pretty much keeps everything under her hat--though I've never seen her wear a hat. Hmmmmmmm. The problem is that I want to be involved in places I cannot. I know nothing about filmmaking--I'm the subject AND a co producer--so you can imagine why I'm confused most of the time. Maybe you cannot--either way--being both of those things is VERY difficult. "Sure you can film me." "Now what are you going to do with what you just filmed?" "When can I see it." "What's next?" Bridget's responses--"Cool." "You'll see." "Be patient, TJ, I'm really busy with work." Rolls eyes. LOL--you all get the picture. BTW--I an certain it is equally as difficult for B to be working with someone who is the subject and a co-producer!

Sometimes we clash

Me--but add crying

B's alter ego--cool--nothing to fear!
That's part of the fun. BTW--B has never really punched me. I'm the sensitive one--she just kicks it most of the time and I of course assume that means she is upset with something I've done. SIGH! This is B's alter ego and mine:
Another me--I couldn't decide on which spaz to chose.
Bottom line--we are Tiny Superstars. We are a brilliant pair with a lot of plans. This film is our baby--and we will make it work--We both have an amazing work ethic, a respect for each other, and have put a lot into Tiny Superstars. Great things are about to happen--believe that. Even if it looks like it might not work----------------------------->
They are disgustingly delicious

It  will.

 The journey has just begun--she called "shot gun" for this proverbial ride and I couldn't think of a better partner in crime! The film may take years--it may take six more months. All I know is we wanna have a good time and produce something that we can both be proud of. After all:

Thanks to Lincoln--we can't have slaves anymore--so shit might just take a lil longer!

Awesome duos who have changed the world in one way or another:
His name was Kenny--she insisted on calling him "Bud." It worked.

Upper class and working class--it's aiight--mashups

Stirred shit up a lil--

Ernie has always and always will let bert sing about pigeons--I will always let B talk about Indie bands

She called "shotgun" Everyone needs someone adorable along for the ride--

Bridget hates it when I wear a half shirt to events!

I have never seen this show but I know it's one of her faveorites


On my worst day--I think B would cover me up before I made a complete ass of myself. Well, maybe not--she'd probably just break out the camera. LOL

Frick and Frack

Weirdos--but rich weirdos nonetheless

Jerry wanted to punch George every single day--he never did. Wait--they ended up in jail. Oh well.

Dorothy and Sophia shoulda made a film together. They are our inner muses. I am often worried that B will put me into a home if I piss her off enough.

There are no words--it just worked.

You're makin my dreams come true!

Come together, Carry the Weight, Don't Bother Me, Don't Ever Change,  Don't Let me Down,  Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except me and my Monkey, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Here Comes the Sun, Hippie Hippie Shake, I'll Cry Instead, I'll Follow the Sun, I'm Talking about You, I'ts all too Much, In Spite of all the Danger, Junk, Let it Be, Madman, No Reply, Revolution, Run for your Life, Slow Down, That'll be the Day, Ticket to Ride, Tomorrow Never Knows, Wait, We can Work it out, With a little Help from my Friends, You Can't Do That, You Know What to do,  

What the fuck is wrong with people?


Stay Gold

I'm the Mary and you're the Rhoda
Yeah--we're you have a businesswomen's lunch special? Fine--we will jus order off of the kid's menu then.

We both like bowties--thankfully though--we are not this unattractive

Wanted by everyone--then and now

Our other inner muses--interesting--both of my inner muses are named Sophia.

Two kinds of humor

Oh Dr. West, did you hear about those two young white girls makin a film? Yes I did brother Smiley. It's gonna change the world. Tiny Superstars is gonna be a household name--wait and see.

Fuck it--let's just drive off the cliff.


Yes--we will be one of these! We might already be!

Well, we have done a lot in the last 4 months and it has been pretty amazing. Let's see--we hatched a plan to make a film, raised over $5,000, did the interview, filmed a fuckton of footage including shows, teaching, and interviews of friends, family and students, went to Iowa, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It has been an adventure and it seems that we are right where we are supposed to be. I'm not sure why I'm so worried then--I guess I'm not. Life is too short for that. Enjoying the process and looking forward to the next step. 

Thanks for lookin at all the snaps and for reading my post. Hopefully you laughed a little and got a little nostalgic. Bridget will be posting next week.

TJ--subject, co-producer, overly sensitive spaz, king of all things awesome, and banjolele player!!



  1. Superb. I love Milli Vanilli! Remember, when things turn south, just blame it on the rain!

    TJ! You're bacon! You are so deliciously awesome independently, with anything, with everything! Bridget is syrup. Syrup is beyond incredible! Together you make all hearts, eyes and stomachs happy!

    Loved the photos and I love tiny superstars

  4. Ok. This was an amazing post. Do you think Bridget agrees with your interpretations? How have you never seen Boy meets World? No wonder Bridget is annoyed with you. Lol

  5. Love the post, love tiny superstars, love the adventure, love the honesty, love the loyality, love the attitude, and I am sure I will love the movie. Keep it up. STJ

  6. OMG--this was rad. I loved the journey that you described and I loved the pictures. Thanks TJ for being so awesome and thank you tinysuperstars for making the world a brighter place. Fucking cheesy, that's how i roll. TASH

  7. Ok, my favorite captions were the ones under the Beatles and Dr West/Travis Smiley. This post was great. I feel like I know you both so well. TJ, come down next week and we can talk about work. MWRJ

  8. LOL. This was awesome. That picture of Bridget punching you in the face makes me laugh every time I see it. You guys rock. CHEESE!