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Friday, July 13, 2012

Last night in Iowa, what's up, cool pics!

Hello blog readers. Thank you so very much for checking in. B Naj and I have had a very busy week. She's been working a lot and she's involved in a number of weddings which always takes up a ton of time. I have been enjoying the rest of my vacation and nothing else. Tonight is my last night in Iowa which is very bittersweet. I have had a great time, but I miss California and cannot wait to sleep in my own bed. Also, there is a new book AND a banjolele waiting for me at my house.

Since I've last posted--I've done the following: spent the day with my nephews, had dinner with my brother and he taught Myriam how to shoot a gun, met with Bridget via phone, went to Cedar Rapids to catch up with some old friends, checked out the IOWA INDIE Film Festival (which we will be in next year), had dinner with my cousins, saw spiderman in 3D which was awesome, hung out with my dear friend Becky Johnson, and participated in the Relay for life with my family. I'm exhausted and rightfully so. I'm still pretty sick but wanted to get in as much fun as I could on this trip. Here's a few quick snaps from the week:

Charlie Daniels' fiddle!

My brother Jay and nephew Devon. This is what middle America looks like and I think it's pretty awesome

Needs no caption! 

Go-Karts RULE!! 

Ava did not want to be in the picture

Thought of B Naj when I saw this sign. She LOVES moccasins. It's Crazy!

Myriam, mourning the loss of Ritchie Valens

Root beer floats are the greatest thing ever.

Surf Ballroom (WHere Buddy Holly played his last show before the plane crash) I will be performing here next year, but I will not be flying home afterwards.

It's just part of my culture. I love it
Proud member of the NRA

I am thrifty and white--cool

The memorial at Surf Ballroom

Boating on the Mississippi River. Best boat ride ever.

No front teeth=eating a corn dog in a strange way.

My dad and brother teaching Myriam how to shoot

Add caption


Me and my mom at the Relay for Life. Tonight--I honored my mom, she honored her mom, and we both honored my great grandma--my mother's grandma. We have all been affected by cancer. My mom is a 6 year survivor.

I like grape slush and I don't know why. You other brothers can't deny!

We both like "special" brownies

My father gave me this came so that I can use it in my act! Thanks dad. Skeet skeet skeet

My oldest nephew--smiling! He grew up way too fast.

Being as awesome as I am makes me really really thirsty.

I thought maybe Bridget would want this shirt!

Well, there ya have it--some pics of my last week.This has been a great vacation and for that I am very grateful.
As far as the movie goes--I thing B got a ton of footage here in Iowa. Once she graces us with her presence I'm sure she will share some footage or pics or interpretive dance. Who knows? We did film B Naj--that little hippie running naked thru the corn wearing only her moccasins, some head beads, and a feather. That'll be up on you tube really soon so watch for it.

So--Iowa hasn't been all fun and games. I've also been doing a lot of networking and research so that I can come back here next year for at least one month and do about 15-20 shows. Right now I have about 11 Iowa venues (including the Surf Ballroom) all over the state. We will also be entering our film into the IOWA INDIE FILM FESTIVAL, and I found a theatre where we can do the Iowa film premiere. All of this stuff is a long ways off, but hey, I dream big--which also means I have to plan big. That's all part of the process.

I'm looking forward to getting back and meeting up with B to see what the next step is with the film. It's like our baby--we are trying to nurture it and everything because we want everything to come out ok. Problem is--we "parent" differently so that can cause riffs and such. It's all good though. As long as we are respecful, honest, and committed,,,,,,it'll all work out. Tomorrow's post is going to be about the adventures of TEEJ and B NAJ. It'll be sora like a highlights or recap of the last 5 months. Definitely check back--it's gonna be awesome.

Thank you Iowa for being so awesome. We will miss you and your people. Lil Corn Chip (that's me) OUT!!
p.s. I think it would be awesome if B left a comment. I comment on all of her posts--she only comments on Myriam's posts. What is that all about? LOL We will see if she even reads this far!


  1. I'll pretend to be B tonight! Greatness abounds Teej!!! Keep it up!

  2. Safe travels back!

  3. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, dear sweet lil corn chip! How happy all your family and friends must be to have seen and spent time with you. I wish I was related to you!
    I'm soooo stoked for the film festival next year and all the amazing things you have lined up! Sounds fantastic! If I pay my own way can I carry your luggage?
    I'm thrilled your returning home soon. Cali has felt so empty without your presence. <3 <3 <3

  4. B Naj is involved in several weddings? She polygamous?