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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tiny post from a tiny superstar

Hello blog readers. Thanks for checking in. Well, I'm sitting in Starbucks drinking a very pretentious cup of coffee surrounded by POC (people of color) which can only mean one thing--I am no longer in rural Iowa. True dat.

Here is one last snap for your enjoyment: Goodbye IOWA--see you soon!

Quick shout out to Adrianita, one of my youngest and most amazing friends! Here is a snap of a young free spirited artist who I call Lil' A

We will be back in CALI tomorrow and I can hardly wait. Being away from our home for nearly a month has taken it's toll. I of course scheduled a show for Wednesday so y'all should come and check it out. The last time I did this show one of the other comics attacked me with hatred. She will be there again--oh joy. If she pulls that stuff again--I will punch her in the face. Rants are not comedy--especially anti gay rants--especially ones that threaten lives. Oh what some people will do for attention.  Anyway--here is a snap of the flyer. It's free people! Come and support me! I might need back up

I have quite a few shows lined up so I promise that I will keep you all posted. Lots going on.

On another note--lots of other stuff is going on too. The Iowa trip/show was amazing, but it has been physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting for me. It's going to take me awhile to process everything. I know B will be writing more about her thoughts/experiences of Iowa and the show so definitely look out for that. I personally am very eager to hear about her experiences. I gave you quite a summary of my 16 days there--she will catch up eventually. Hopefully.

Making this film has been a very interesting experience. I'm always so excited for the next step--until that step arrives--then I want to go back to the previous step. Right now--everything is kind of in limbo. B has a ton of footage, I haven't had a chance to recap Iowa with her face to face, and it's all a little bit overwhelming for us both. I know that everything will fall into place--I have no doubt about that--it's just difficult for me to be so personally invested and professionally clueless at the same time. The mystery of it all will be so worth it---I know that. Until then--I wait--and so does the world! HAHA

Thanks for reading everyone. Today is gonna be a short post and I will be taking the rest of the week off to process stuff, play my banjolele, visit some friends, and call my therapist. Feeling humbled and elated. B always says that I am a walking contradiction--she's right.



  1. Where is Briget?

    1. Yay bridget. We love Bridget's posts so much that we just want more. More I say..........the eagle has landed..........:)

  2. I bet you could write an entire book on all your rich experiences in Iowa! I can't imagine how tired, filled, happy, accomplished, you feel. So exciting! I think of all the family and friends who love you so that got to see and spend time with you. I know you made so many people happy on this trip!
    Maybe I'll save up so I can see you perform in Iowa next year. I know I def want to party in Vegas for your birthday! We can drink bacon martinis and ass juice at the double down til the break if dawn!
    Your homegirl Lil A is gonna flip at your mention of her in your blog! I'll keep you posted on her reaction.
    I hope you get a lil rest and ample time to decompress before your shows. Sending you love and good vibes and energy! <3 you Bigtime!

  3. Lil A's response to your blog post,
    "TJ is AWESOME! I miss her and love her! I can't wait to be her assistant for the cheese party!"

  4. Medium Rare CholaJuly 16, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    L'il A better watch her back.