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Friday, June 1, 2012

Thanks, radio show, and IOWA tickets

This is going to be a quick post. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported our kickstarter. We are officially funded and our kickstarter page has been closed. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! I'm sure we will both do our best to insure that this is an amazing film. You will all be very happy with the results.

A few of you emailed me questions about your funds not going through or something like that. I guess some of you need help with the process, so PLEASE contact Bridget @ with any questions. I'm sure she can help. Thanks.

In case you missed my radio appearance today--here is the link. I talk about gender, dating in the LGBTQ community, my relationship with Myriam, kickstarter success, working with Bridget, and much much more. Please give it a listen. I received a lot of messages right after it aired--people all over the country were listening, and I think that is pretty awesome. TJ's radio interview

I've hit a few personal snags in the last 24 hours so will be taking a little time off to regroup and decide my next steps. I've cancelled all shows for next week with the exception of the homeless vets benefit show--which of course I MUST do. I'm sad and angry--not heartless:)

The tickets for the IOWA show are finally on sale so here is the link for that. I'm excited about seeing all of you who are coming to this performance. Yes, I know they spelled my name wrong, yes I know there is no picture even though I sent them 12, and yes I know the ticket price is wrong. I'm just choosing to proceed, because that is the best that I can do, right now. IOWA SHOW TICKETS

That's it for me. Thanks again everyone. TJ


  1. Radio show was off the chain! TJ, I think you'd be a phenomenal radio show host!!!

  2. Keep on keeping on!

  3. :( tj. BTW, I'd be sad and angry too from what you told me. Sounded like quite a night and it always sucks to give more than you get. Do not waste a lot of time, anger, or energy on it. It is what it is. We got you. STJ

  4. WHERE IS A NEW POST!!! WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Hope that both tinysuperstars are doing ok.