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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Foreplay of Movie Making

Things that concern me in the movie industry:
- Titanic being rereleased in 3d
- The Hangover Part 3
- The fact that I will probably see both of these films.

The good news is that in just 6 days, production on the documentary begins! I think TJ will be excited to be out of the pre-production phases, as will I. It's the foreplay of movie making.. you could make a movie without it, it's just a whole lot harder to get good results.

Here are some ways YOU can get involved with the movie:
- Follow the Tiny Superstars blog (look you've already got one!) Read, comment, tell a friend!
- Come to TJ's show at the Palm's in West Hollywood next Friday night. You might just make it into the movie!
- Check out our Kickstarter page (COMING SOON)
- Buy TJ a bangolele (click here)

If you have a skill/talent/interest that you would like to contribute to the project, shoot us an email at detailing your contribution. We would love to have you involved! It takes a village, people! Or is it "The Village People"? I can't remember how that saying goes..

Happy Friday, everyone! Don't forget to tip your bartender.

B Naj, out.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha I laughed the whole way through this!!! You both have my full support! If you need anything at all ..IM YOUR GIRL!!!