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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dustin, my shows, the big interview, and my fears

First off, I wanna say thanks to B for the awesome post. Your words were much appreciated, and I am so glad that you are feeling better. I have decided not to pick on you for three days. I decided that on Wednesday though so watch out.

I also want to say thanks to everyone for all the great comments. I'm always so inspired by what y'all have to say about me.

Shout out to Amy and Gabe, our latest donors. Please give us a buck or two if you can. We have 27 days left to get to $4,000. If we do not reach our goal-- we get nothing, and TinySuperstar productions will be down for good. Y'all would miss us--so please help if you can. We seriously CANNOT do this film if we do not get the money. Please and thank you!! Here is the link: The Artist Formerly Known as "Trina"

I am so pumped that Dustin has joined team tinysuperstars. Dustin is str8 up awesome and I love his energy. I'm really excited to be working with him. Here is my favorite picture of Dustin. BTW--he is the one on the left!!

I won't pick on Dustin for at least a week--but if he calls me a "lesbian" one more time, I will punch him in the face. Welcome Boo!!

Ok--my big interview is next week. I have NO IDEA why Bridget is nervous. Seriously, she is showing up and sticking a camera in my face with the expectation that I will have something interesting to say. Really B? What could you possibly have to be nervous about? Oh well--I'll let her be nervous. It's kinda cute actually. And she just rolled her eyes.  Truth be told, I am really looking forward to the interview. I love that I have no idea what she is going to ask me and I love that this is going to be a big part of the film.

Big announcement will be posted here on Monday by B, so make sure to check in. That's all I have to say about that.

Ok--I had two shows this week, one at the Westside Bar and Grill and one at Sash Lounge. Here are a few pics:

Yes that is a belt with the wiener mobile on it, and yes that is another new sexy male black friend. Jamario and I both advanced to the semi finals! Both shows were great. The cool thing about the Sash competition show was that the audience voted. Lots of comics brought friends and stuff. I didn't bring anyone to this show, yet--I advanced with ease. The crowd adored me. That certainly isn't always the case, so last night was really cool. The semi finals are scheduled for May 24th at 8:30 in Norwalk at Sash Lounge. You should all come out to support me at Dash for the cash at Sash.

Ok--I think that is all I have for today. I guess I will leave you with a list of some wort because y'all seem to enjoy the lists. Hopefully B AND Dustin will follow suit. BTW, feel free to call B "E.D." now. Erectile dysfunction--oh--I mean Executive Director.

Oh---here's a good one:

Five things that I'm afraid of
1. Snakes
2. Getting my blood drawn
3. Flying (like on a plane) If I had a super hero cape--I would fly all of the time.
4. Sweet potatoes
5. Huntington Beach

Oh--one more thing! I LOVE GLEE and I got to meet Brittney. Also, B is so upset that GLEE now has had more songs chart than the Beatles. I think it's awesome. The Beatles are cool and everything, but GLEE..............Have a great weekend y'all. Send B some love. She's a bartender and tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo. I hate Cinco De Mayo, but will save that rant for a Ghettopolitan post. Thanks for the support. TJ


  1. Great pics, TJ!
    You've got great style! I love the wiener belt and that sweater you're rockin in the photo with the mic!

  2. great to hear you can rock the house with us being your groopies, tho I wish I could of made it to your show. Welcome to the new person, I think he was there when B did the filming in class.

  3. i agree with two of your fears, another one i dislike but dont really fear. also dont understand how you fear it

  4. btw i love that you picked that photo haha!

  5. love the pictures and the glee/beatles thing makes me a little upset too. that is just wrong. Todd