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Monday, May 7, 2012

Patience is a virtue but procrastination is gonna make me bald.

Well it's Monday!  That means 3 things: 1) We all survived Cinco weekend.  2) I have spent all day on my couch watching sitcoms that are in syndication. 3) I am making an announcement.

Obviously I'm not just gonna start with the announcement, that just ruins the fun. But I'll get there...swear.

Cinco was not the nightmare I was expecting.  It was a long day (10 straight hours to be exact) of pouring beer and tequila, but it was fun!  I did have ACTUAL nightmares however, once it was all over.  I blame the multiple Rockstars I had throughout the night.  Yesterday I had a Seis de Mayo barbecue to unwind with some of my fellow service industry friends.  Nothing says the 6th of May like making s'mores and watching "Long Island Medium" (you can tack that on to my guilty pleasures list, along with Justin Beiber's new single).

There was an interesting question regarding the future of TinySuperstars.
"What do I need to do to become a tinysuperstar? It sounds so exciting. Will there be other films and will TJ always be a part of tinysuperstars or just for this project? The thought of her not being a part of tinysuperstars upsets me a little bit." -JS
"Tiny Superstar" was the original working title for the film.  That changed but TinySuperstars stuck.  I love it for the name of the the partnership between me and TJ, but also for everyone involved in this project.  It's kinda like Lady Gaga's "little monsters" or Barry Manilow's "fanilows".  You are ALL TinySuperstars.  TinySuperstars has no plans to embark on anymore films at this time, but never say never.  TJ will always be a TinySuperstar, as will all of you.

Thank you to our new backers from this weekend: Daniel, Audra, Caitlin, Justin, Ashley, Moses, Tyler and Dominic!! (Can I just say that I have had to edit this list twice to add names while writing this post because donations are starting to roll in...<3)  Every single dollar that comes in puts the biggest smile on my face.  I'll never get over all of your generosity!  On that note though, TJ and I are both hearing lots and lots of people saying "I'm waiting til the end."  I understand, everybody loves the drama...what fun would it be if it didn't come down to the wire?  But for the love of god, I am BEGGING you, if you have plans to donate please don't wait til May 31st.  Here is a list of reasons to not wait:

1) I will go gray or lose my hair.  Seriously, baldness runs in my should see my dad.  Some people can pull off this look...I cannot.
2) There is NO wiggle's $4000 May 31st at 9pm or nothing. Not $3999 May 31st, or $4000 at 9:01.  Or it's no $$$ for us.
3) No $$ = No Iowa = No movie
4) Because I'm actually begging..

Don't get me wrong though, I know there are legitimate reasons for waiting (getting paid, etc...) and I also know a lot of us don't have piles of money to just give away.  Every dollar helps! I've heard people are starting to put together fundraising events.  Seriously, I'm not making this up.  So far I've heard of a TinySuperstars bake sale, a car wash and a bonfire.  Uhmazing!


Okay you've been patient is the announcement:
Due to an overwhelming response by the student body, returning to Saddleback this Fall is the irreplaceable and undeniable TJ HUBERG!!  That's right ya'll, back by popular demand, TJ will be teaching another semester.  I'm sure this raises a few questions and I am here to address them...

Why are you announcing this news?
TJ is too modest to be the one to say that her students freaking love her and that's why they are pleading for her not the go.  I also feel that as a former student of TJs and a current friend, I am able to speak on behalf of all parties involved.
Why is she staying?
This is really TJ's question to answer, but I can say that with certainty how much she adores each and everyone of her students and she would miss the hell out of teaching if she left permanently.
But you said in the Kickstarter vid...
Let me stop you there...we know what we said.  Life happens.   This doesn't change the film AT ALL.  TJ is still 100% pursuing her comedy career.  She will spend this summer doing shows and traveling the country.  She is still putting it all on the line to be a comedian.  And as I have to keep reminding her, I may have a vision, but this story is telling itself as we go!

I just want to say that I am personally so thrilled that TJ is going to continue to be a teacher AND a comic.  She is an amazing professor and one of the only ones I had in college that made any sort of impact on me.  I hope Saddleback and her future students know just how lucky they are that she will be returning.  I change my mind a thousand times a day about a thousand different things and can only imagine making such a big choice while feeling like hundreds of people have a front row ticket to your life.  I know this was a really hard decision for TJ and I am EXTREMELY proud of her choice.

TJ will be posting with more on that tomorrow and Dustin will be guest blogging on Wednesday. If you have any questions for Dustin..feel free to fire away.

Until Thursday!


  1. Anyone who gets a chance to take her class is lucky, so cheers to the new students, just remember to buckle your seat belts because its a hell of a ride every day in class.

  2. I watched the whole Long Island Medium marathon yesterday to avoid packing. No need to be guilty about these pleasures!

  3. This might be the best thing ever. Yay TJ. Very exciting news. JS

  4. Great post. I can't believe how much u guys have done in the last few months. TJ, we love you and will support any decision that you ever make. Your students are lucky. I know cuz I was one of them and u changed my life.

  5. TEach at other schools too. COME BACK TO CHAPMAN THEY NEED YOU. chris

  6. I would go back to college just to take a class with TJ. TANYA

  7. Who is Dustin? Did I miss something? Is that Bridget's boyfriend? I guess it doesn't matter I think I just missed a post or something. I am glad TJ is staying but am worried how that might affect her comedy goals. I think it would be hard to do both and do them well. But I guess if anyone can do it, it would be T.J. Zack

  8. Alia Bonetti AHHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how many moments I had this semester where people told me they still have to take speech and I would say oh you should take... Oh never mind the best speech teacher ever is leaving!!! THAT IS AN AWESOME DECISION! You rock(:

    Also I like that Bridget shares my guilty pleasure of liking Justin Bieber's new song...

  9. not sure if she made the right decision but i guess we will see. doing comedy is a full time commitment and her comedy will probably suffer if she's spending a lot of time teaching. this kinda disappoints me becuz i just don't know if it can be done. did tj stay because she was scared because she shouldn't be, shes funny as fuck.

  10. Bridget what was TJ like as a teacher. I never had her. I just met her recently on the comic scene but it does seem like her students like her a lot. Thers's kind of a following. Please tell us about your experiences with TJ as a teacher so readers like me can get a better understanding of why this news is so great. Thank you. Katie

  11. PLEASE TEACH SPEECH 1!!!! we love you tj. <3

  12. what class will she be teaching?

  13. That's awesome TJ!!!


  14. Fanilows! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I'm so Stoked to hear TJ will continue teaching! Incredible news!
    No more stress Bridget, this documentary is not only going to happen, it's going to ROCK!
    Keep kicking A** and taking names, homegirl!

  15. YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! TJ CHANGED MY LIFE. HER FUTURE STUDENTS ARE LUCKY AND SO ARE HER FUTURE AUDIENCE MEMBERS AND FANS. Bridget, don't worry. You will get your imported beer and Tj will get her banjolele. BTDUB I think I have crushes on both of you. oxox SBY