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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fluffy's plant, I'm so busy, you can still donate, and the coolest video

What is up everyone? I hope y'all had a great weekend and got to enjoy this beautiful weather. Well,  the weather in Cali has been beautiful--I'm not sure about the rest of the world. Anyway--here we go.

Shout out to Dustin for being our guest blogger on Friday. He said such nice things about me! Thanks Dustin--your check is in the mail! HA! B and I were both dealing with alot of stuff last week so it was nice to have Dustin fill in. I'm glad he enjoys working with us. Shout out to our latest donors-- Emily and Karen! Thanks so much. Shout out to my bestie JW who lost her grandma this week. My heart is broken! Please keep Jamie and her family in your thought. Thanks.

I want to take a quick minute to congratulate B on completing her first 5K! I'm not sure if you remember B Naj's first post, but she talked about her goals for the year. The three she discussed were: running a 5K, getting a tattoo, and making a movie. I just realized that all three of those things involve pain in one way or another. What a weirdo. HAHA! I think her tat is scheduled for 6/6 and of course we are in the process of making the film, so....well done Bridget. Keep making the rest of us look bad. That's alright. I'm sure she will tell you all about the 5K in her next post. I do know that she did hurt herself once she got home from the race.  SMOOTH!

Ok so here is a picture of what I planted to honor Fluffy Najour. The name of this plant is "lamb's ear" and it reminds me of Fluffy because it's soft, exquisite, and fuzzy. The flowers will bloom every May. See--I'm not ALWAYS picking on Bridget! BTW--wasn't her story about Fluffy amazing? If you read it without crying then you have NO SOUL! True story. I think she should read it aloud and we can put it in the special features of the film. I also think Fluffy needs her own soundtrack.

Ok, what else? The next 6 weeks are crazy as hell for me. I have several shows here in Cali, the IOWA show, doc interview, and about a million other things. Here is some information about some of my shows. Y'all should come if you can!

5/22/12: The World Famous Comedy Store in L.A. 8:00 18+

5/23/12: VAUDEVILLE 9-11 1305 Waterloo St Los Angeles! FREE 18+

5/24/12: Tha Dash for the Cash at Sash FINALS. We started with 36 comics and are down to the last 10. One of us will receive the $500 cash prize this Thursday! Sash Lounge in NORWALK! 8:30 
FREE! If you cannot make it--send me love and laughs. It will be an awesome show. 21+
***Myriam will also be getting surgery this day--so send a lil love to both of us. I'm sad I will need to leave the hospital for a few hours to perform, but feel lucky to have made it to the finals! 

5/29/12: Power Plant in Laguna Niguel 10:00p.m. $5.00 and worth every frickin penny! 21+

5/30/12: Come Out Laughing at The Laugh Factory in LONG BEACH!!! Free tix if you get on my guest list. I only have like 10 comps left so email or call or text or tweet or fb if you want on the list! LOL 8:00 (This is a LGBTQ EVENT) 18+

5/31/12: The Brass Rail in Sunny San Diego. BTW--I think all the "*ladies" in San Diego wear the shortest shorts in the world. Seriously--I've never seen so many...anyway....*HOES. Ok-Back to the show. The Brass Rail show starts at 7:30 (which is weird but I like it) Bridget AND Dustin will be at this one! The address is 3796 Fifth Ave in San Diego. You should all come a lil early and dine at Barleymash! It's not far from the brass rail and the food is to die for. Myriam and I actually drove down there today JUST FOR LUNCH! Yes--we drove 105 miles (one way) to eat there. It's a must.

6/1/12: TBD--I am booked to do a show but do not have the details yet

6/2/12: Zona's Italian Restaurant in San Clemente 8:00

6/5/12: I will be hosting a show for homeless vets in LA! Super stoked to do this with my buddy Justin

6/9-15th I will be doing some shows inside the prison system. Super stoked to be doing this. I'm a huge advocate for prisoners rights and can't think of a place that needs comedy more. TRUE STORY!

6/19/2012 WEHO Pride at The Asylum Lab. More details later.

6/20/12 Old World in Huntington Beach 8:00 FREE

6/23/12 AIDS Benefit Show with THE Bryan Perkins. More details later

6/29/12-6/30/12 JOKER's COMEDY CLUB IN CEDAR FALLS IOWA. I believe that the tickets for this show will finally go on sale on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I promise that the minute I know--I will post it! Pinky swear!

7/1/2012 I turn 41 years old! 

Ok--on to something else! For those of you who have not heard--WE HAVE SURPASSED OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL and are currently 108% funded. I can feel the banjolele beneath my fingers already! This is so awesome. It really has motivated both B and me, so thank you very very much. We have 11 days left so if you'd still like to help--it is NOT too late. The more we raise--the more we can do! Here is the link: 

I actually have a few more things to talk about but will save them for my next post. On Tuesday I'll tell you about my last day of class, the deal with Ellen, and why black men adore me. B will be posting tomorrow. 

Here's a SWEET video that y'all HAVE to watch. It might be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Seriously--you have to watch this: COOLEST VIDEO EVER!!

That's it for today. Hope you all enjoyed the eclipse today. I'm still seeing spots! Leave a comment. We love comments.



  1. Dammmmmmmb! You are freaking amazing TJ! I wish I could got to every one of the listed shows!

    I'm sending you good vibes and lots of love Myriam Rare!

    That video was awesome. Cool song too!

  2. DAMN TJ! That is a crazy schedule. Rock it.

  3. Only you TJ would look directly at the eclipse. Bridget definitely needs to read that story for the dvd special features. Bridget, I have a question: do you like Glee as much as TJ does? Also, do you film all of her shows? This friendship/film/life/random list blog fascinates me and my friends. We'd love to see a VLOG so please do one soon. PLEASE!! Steven

  4. THAT DOG IS PERFECT! Great post TJ. Sounds like you both have a busy few weeks coming up. You make me feel so lazy. TAK

  5. Prisons, 5Ks, plants, fundraising, and Iowa. I feel like I'm having a stroke. This is some crazy shit yet it is incredibly mellow and heartfelt. I'm not sure where to go from there. Love the blog and I fuckin love TJ. It all feels like a grown up Sesame Street and I know how much TJ loves Sesame Street. Can't wait for the film. Scott