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Friday, May 25, 2012

An Ode part deux, we are officially amazed, and what it's like to be a comic

Hello readers. I am so very glad that you are all checking in. This is TJ, and I will be your post host today. I believe Bridget is going to Vegas on Monday--so I will probably be your post host through Tuesday--that is my guess. Here we go:

This will be my last time bringing up Kickstarter, and I am sure that makes you all very very happy. B Naj and I have shattered our goal, and both of us are officially amazed and extremely grateful. We hit the $5,000 mark today which makes our project 125% funded. The "extra" money (if that is such a thing) will assist in the following: travel expenses, DVD production costs (who knew stuff would cost so much), and promotional materials. I think Bridget owes her bookie money again--but I'll make sure she doesn't use up all of our funds on her pesky gambling habit. She did that with her last film and it never got made. SIGH. I'm kidding of course--Bridget is very fiscally responsible. She really knows how to save $. Recently, she taught me about something called "dine and dash." Wow. Again--kidding.

Shout out to our latest donors: Michael, Sue, Anthony, Brenna, Suzanne and Patrick, Ella, Karma, and Karissa. Being a "backer" on a film is actually a REALLY cool pick up line, and it looks good on a resume--so to all y'all who donated--you actually did yourself a favor by giving us money! Well done. Now--for those who did NOT donate--I bet you are jealous now. Well, guess what? You still have 5 days to get on the cool bus if you'd like to. For the very last time--here is the link: Last chance to be a backer on a film. Click here to improve your life!

Ok--Bridget's post yesterday was awesome. I really appreciated the sentiment behind her words and am pretty stoked to be working with her. We are a great team, and the movie is gonna be badass. Logos vs pathos can be difficult to balance--but we manage. She is right--we are VERY different in a lot of ways. Once she realizes my way is better--things will get easier, but until then--we do that dance. I am kidding of course about my way being better. Here is a GREAT example of how logos and pathos can create magic. Seriously--it's one minute long--watch it--especially "my" exit at the end. Here ya go B:
Compromise creates magic!

And here is a song for B. She speaks and feels through music so this is a song that I have chosen as an ode to you, to our project, and to our differences. I have no idea what the real meaning behind this song is--but I'm choosing to look at it through the lens that is tinysuperstars. Song for B. It's by one of your favorite bands BTW!

You know what? This post is getting a little long for me. I really want to talk about what it's actually like to be a comedian, but I will leave that for tomorrow. I will also discuss Ellen, why black men love me, and perhaps I will share a haiku or two.

Thanks for the love--especially the love you all sent for Myriam. SHe is home now and is recovering nicely. I'll be taking care of her AND performing 6 times next week so keep the love coming. Also--join me in wishing the B Najster a safe trip to vegas AND a stress free move. Don't forget--I will be performing in San Diego on the 31st and she will be there. You should all come out for this show to support us AND to celebrate our funding success!

Thanks for reading everyone. I'll be back tomorrow--well one of us will. TJ


  1. Such a great post. Glad to see you are back to picking on Bridget, T.J. That Sesame street video was AWESOME. Bridget would look good in a monocle.LOL Congrats on the funding. sm

  2. TJ and Bridget should get matching bow ties and monocles.

  3. Wow. This was a really great post. Congrats on the funding. You two are going to be so successful that it's ridiculous! Be proud of what you have done and for finding each other.

  4. That sesame street clip was awesome. I am assuming bridget is the count. lol. Loved the post. congrats on getting all of your money. can't wait for the thank you mix cd. oh yeah ryan

  5. What a juicy post! Hilarious! Loved the song! Loved the count/cookie compromise! Can't wait for next post! I want more! I want it now!