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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hey everyone. Thanks for checking in. This is TJ and tonight I'll be keepin it short and keepin it real. B is feelin a lil under the weather and needs a few days off, so Imma fill in for her. Please send love her way--and for God's sake, can someone find her a job in the music/entertainment industry before she drives me insane? That's kind of a joke--but seriously, B Naj needs a new job. We all gotta pitch in and help make her dreams come true. See--once she's a big to do in the entertainment industry--y'all can get free tickets and stuff. That's how it works--we have to help one another, so if anyone hears of any opportunities--tell us about them. Right now, we have a tinysuperstar DOWN and we need to get her back up so.....send lots of good energy, love, imported beer, and sweets.

Not much is up with the film. We will be doing my big interview next week so I'm pretty excited/anxious about that. I still find it fascinating that B thinks I'm interesting enough to do a film about my life--but--whatever--she has a vision and I NEVER like to get in the way of people's visions.

Here is a sweet snap of a pic someone made for me today: Thank you Evan for the sweet drawing/logo/graffiti/e'erthing!!

For those of you who do NOT know this--my real name is Trina. I am the Artist formally known as Trina--yeah--that's the name of the film. All the peeps in my life before 1990 know mw as Trina. Anyone who met me after that year--knows me as TJ. The story of my name will unfold even more throughout this journey so pay attention and don't fall behind on the blog posts.

Like I said--tonight is gonna be short. Went to a GLEE event and got to meet some of my favorite characters so I am super exhausted. I slipped Cory Monteith B's number so he will probably give her a call in a few days. I'll have lots more to say tomorrow after my show. I'm at the WESTSIDE Bar and Grill in Costa Mesa tomorrow night at 8:30 so come on out and I'll buy you a beer or two.

Life is good--keep sending us love and thanks for your support! TJ


  1. B Naj just keep ya head up. Scott

  2. Sleep it up, Bridget! The Zzzzzz's cure all!

    Kick some tooshkins tonight, TJ! I know you will!


  3. That logo looks badass, and glad you got to meet the Glee peeps TJ. B keep your head up and keep dreaming, jobs can be sheety but things will work out.