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Monday, April 30, 2012

Halfway there, students, we WILL get to these things, and guilty pleasures

Hey readers--thanks for checking in. B and I took the weekend off. I think we will do that more often because y'all start to miss us after a few days. I have the emails to prove it.

Ok--shout outs!! First up,,,,,I wanna send a shout out to my better half,  Myriam.....thanks for your never ending support. I think you are the most amazing person on the planet and I could not do any of this without you!! Love u boo!! 4LIFE!!

Special shout out to Kimberly, Jackie, Blaine, Catherine, and Ray. Those five peeps brought us above and beyond our $2,000 goal for the weekend. Thank you very much. I want to take a quick minute to thank everyone who has donated to our project. We are more than halfway there. A lot of people are telling us that they wanna wait til the end to see what we still need. Well, here's the deal.....that stresses us out. Don't wait!! We officially have 31 more days to raise $1,945. Y'all know how fragile I am. Don't add fuel to THAT fire. It'll drive Bridget insane. For those who have already donated--your lack of procrastination has earned you a reward. You will each receive a tinysuperstars tshirt with the rest of your stuff. Now that everyone else in the free world is jealous of those 25 people-----I will move on!!

Here is the kickstarter link if ya still wanna help us out:

The Artist Formerly Known as "Trina"

Bridget filmed in class today. It was a great day. Here's a snap of what was happening right before we started. A bunch of students stayed after to be interviewed and I can't wait to see what they said. B won't tell me what people say in the interviews. She wants me to wait until the film is done and I think that's pretty cool. My students are amazing. I've taught about 3,000 people in the least six years and can honestly say that I have been inspired in some way or another by each and every one of them. I've just shown up.....they've done all the work. I don't think I'll ever really be able to leave teaching.

Ok--I had a show on Sunday. Here's a snap of me and some of the other comics. It was a GREAT night.

A few celebrities showed up for this event. I did not realize how much B LOVED one of them. Next time he shows up, I'll make sure to tell him all about her and I'll slip him her digits. She is both excited and embarrassed at that prospect, and that makes me super happy. I picture her punching and hugging me at the same time.

I'll be performing this Wednesday in Costa Mesa and Sunday at the world famous Comedy Store in LA. Let me know if you want more information about the shows.

Ok--B and I ALWAYS follow thru on stuff. That is part of what makes us so amazing. We still need to do the following things and I want everyone to know that we will.
1. Dress like Sophia grace and Rosie for a pic
2. Bake cookies for the rest of the "dedicated" peeps (if u don't know what that means--you missed out)
3. Haikus (I will do that this week)
4. Reenact the DANCE EVOLUTION video and post it on you tube. That will be done before the IOWA show.
5. Sing karaoke (Bridget will do like 20 songs and I'll post all the
6. Six of you get a mix cd. I will send those by Friday.....pinky swear.

In case you all were wondering what B does in her FREE time--here is a snap that she just posted. She is workin a concert tonight selling shirts. If you comment with how badass or sexy she is......I'll do a str8 up flow for my next post in her honor. We need 10 replies and I'll do it.

Ok--I think that is all that I have for today. I'll leave you with a list of MY guilty pleasures since B did it last time AND a sweet youtube video of Ain't nothin but a GLEE thing. Please keep reading and following our journey. My IOWA show is only eight weeks away......a lot is going to happen between now and then.

My guilty pleasures
1. The song SHOOP--it's my all time favorite!!
2. Orange food
3. Spongebob Squarepants
4. Fancy faggy soap and bath stores
5. Expensive shoes and sweaters
6. Marching band music--I frickin love it!!!
7. Cheesy montages
8. White trash culture
9. Lottery scratchers
10. Anything sandwich related i.e. books about, art of, old menus, or just eating one!

Here is the GLEE video--I am a GLEEK but do not feel even a lil guilty about that which is why it did not make the list!! Thanks for reading. Don't forget to comment to hear a flow. Y'all rock!! CREAMSICLES ARE DELICIOUS!!!!

Nuthin' But A Glee Thang with Heather Morris, Matthew Morrison & Sofia Vergara



  1. B NAJ is a sexy badass. She is gonna kill you TJ but I hope she waits until the movie is made. LOL

  2. bridget is a sexy badass and whoever posted before me is right she is gonna punch you in the face tj. take a picture of your black eye. btw she really is a sexy badass

  3. Bridget is a sexy baddass. OMG. TJ, your guilty pleasures list is hilarious. rw

  4. This is Dominiku. I had 3 guilty pleasures: Edward's trans fat free pies, OverClocked Remix, and Abena and Tena.

  5. 1) the last couple of days have been torturous with no blog posts. I've had serious blog withdrawals!
    2) I'm envious of your students. Wish I could take your class.
    3) TJ, you and Myriam Rare are so damn incredible! Love you both! You two are the creamsicliciousest! Speaking of popsicles-remember Big Sticks?
    4) stoked you made it to the halfway mark, licketysplit! The rest will be cake!
    5) Bridget is SEXY! Homegirl's hotter than a Molotov cocktail!
    6) I'm eagerly awaiting your next post!
    All my love, your number one stalker, I mean fan!

  6. TJ, how could you forget to put black men on your guilty pleasures list? I totally thought that would be on there. Bridget is a sexy badass and so are you, TJ. TMA

    1. I totally did forget to put black men on my list. That should actually be number 1. Thanks for the reminder tami.....udabest!! boo-u a sexy badass too:)

  7. Briget is a badass and easy on the eyes as TJ says. I missed the posts over the weekend. Can't wait to hear the flow TJ. Brandon

  8. That Glee video is so cool. Bridget is a sba (sexybadass). I love the lists on the blog posts. They are always so weird and surprising. TandB

  9. it was fun today in class, and you will be happy with what the peeps said. And as for B, Aye dios mio! (that should count in a different language)

  10. bridget is a sexy badass and I cannot wait to hear the rap you make for her. SAM

  11. Bridget is a sexy badass no doubt. I'd love her digits. hell yeah ryan

    1. i know like 11 ryans--I will give each of you her "digits"--that should cover it.

    2. I'll be expecting many calls this week. ;)

  12. hahahahahahahaha 10 already, i think if you get 20 she should have to rap with you!
    B-Naj is a sba!

    1. YES!!--why r still u up? Was it the clown picture? Bridget made me do it. Let's write and rap together--

  13. WAIT, why has no one asked who the celebrity is that Bridget is interested in and you have connections to??? I must know!

    1. Hahah don't worry Court, I'll fill you in.