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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coachella hang over and back to business!

I'm baacccck.  I feel like I was never really gone though.  In fact, Coachella feels like it was just one long, marvelous dream.  Luckily the grief of Coachella being over was softened by the announcement of the Outside Lands line up in San Fran.  I am a festival junkie.
Here are some BRIEF thoughts on Coachella (because TJ will never let me hear the end of it is my entire post is about it!):
-The Black Keys blow me away every time I see them.  Plus they had the world's largest disco ball on stage.
-Tu Pac's hologram was one of the scariest things I've ever seen.  
-Florence Welch is effortlessly astonishing.  I'd bet her bodily functions even sound like beautiful harmonies.
-When you're trying to see the stage, everyone in front of you suddenly becomes 7 feet tall.
-I truly did not shower from Thursday morning until Monday afternoon.  And I didn't care.
And finally...
-I am certain that if I had a job that sent me to music festivals, I would be the happiest person on planet earth.  It is my new goal to find a job that fits that requirement.  Maybe as a music blogger, what do you  guys think?

There are about 10,000 other things I could say, but I'll spare you.  Shoot me an email if you wanna talk more about it!

OKAY, back to business.  TJ compiled a list of the unanswered questions for me from last week (how awesome is that??) so I'm gonna try to knock those out first.

Bridget, so far what has been the hardest part of this? What about the best part? Also, when will we get our cookies? Ray
The hardest part has been trying to balance making a documentary with the other parts of my life.  Most people think of a documentary as a 24/7 gig.  And it would be amazing if we had the resources to do that but that is simply not an option.  I work about 30 hours a week as a bartender.  While they have been SUPER flexible with my time off, I have to make sure at the end of the month I can still pay my rent and bills.  The best part (besides reconnecting with TJ) is that this project has been really motivating for me.  I was in a post-college rut and working on this has been really inspiring.  As far as cookies go, you tell me the best way to get them to you, and I will have them done in 72 hours.

Do you have a favorite knock knock joke?
I do.  But I don't think it translates to text.  Ask me to tell you in person.  Or maybe TJ and I will film it and post a mini video of it.

Why is B scared of working with TJ? How is TJ scary cuz I cant imagine her bein scary? Also, what do u guys do to release stress. Matt
Sometimes I forget my sarcasm does not translate over the internet.  TJ isn't scary at all!!  What makes working with TJ scary is that I don't want to let her down.  As far as stress, I bake, I clean, I listen to music or I go for a drive.  

If you could compare your movie to a mainstream movie--what would it be. Like, is it gonna be like Rocky where everyone is cheering for the underdog or like a superhero film or a rom com type thing. I guess what I'm trying to ask is what movie should I watch to get an idea of what this movie will be like? Thank you. Kevin O
Hahahahahhaa, I love this question.  I picture TJ as Rocky or Superman and then I picture Teej and Myriam in a rom com.  Thank you for that.  I am having a hard time  answering this question because most mainstream movies are not documentaries.  I'd say it's sort of an underdog story meets a going home tale.  Maybe a little like Cool Runnings meets Sweet Home Alabama (where TJ is the Jamaican bobsled team/Reese Witherspoon).   Bet you're more confused now than you were before.

Following TJ's are 10 of my favorite movies:
1) (500) Days of Summer
2) Across the Universe
3) Annie Hall
4) Love Actually
5) A Knight's Tale
6) Forrest Gump
7) Juno
8) Big Fish
9) Moulin Rouge
10) Disney movies.  I realize that is a category, not a movie.  Deal with it.

A LOT of you have been asking how you can help TJ.  Here are two links you should check out:

How perfect is TJ for the Ellen show?  We think so, too.  So let's start writing some emails and get her on the show!  This link takes you right to the form.  Easy peasy.

As some of you know, TJ is from New Hartford, Iowa, which was devastated by an F5 tornado in 2008.  We will be going back to New Hartford as part of the documentary.  Follow this link below to vote for New Hartford FEMA Lot Restoration Committee.  Edy's will plant an orchard in the winning city and New Hartford is already in SECOND place.  Let's make this happen for them!

Props to TJ, of course, for keeping this baby going while I was away.  I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on the posts and comments, TJ did a great job while I was away!  As much as I looveeeed every single second of Coachella, it's good to be back!



  1. Bridget! Welcome back! Hope you've had a good rest and a good soak!

    Thanks for posting ways to help! I'm on it!

    I love Annie Hall too!

    How cool you bartend! I took a stab at it once. It's a mighty difficult job in my opinion. Do you have a signature drink?

  2. Bridg, it's so much fun reading your "blog" voice! I'm so happy for you and TJ. You two are up to some big things!

  3. Trina letter to Ellen sent :) You are going to be a star! Well, in my opinion you already are!

  4. B Unit and T Unit!! Tearing up the world of comedy and film making. Well done. Great post. I will donate when I get paid. MHW

  5. SUPASTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. B. A few things:

    1. You could NEVER let me down so don't be scurrrred. That's what I'm scurrred of too btw.
    2. Disney movies? Really? The Princess ones too? I'm in shock. I really am. Tell me a few that you like.
    3. Big Fish AND Annie Hall almost made my list
    4. Let's see what Dominic thinks.
    5. Great post. Thanks for the link to my hometown--
    6. We are gonna find u that job.
    7. Your sarcasm is brilliant
    8. What is the longest amount of time you've gone without a shower?
    9. Tater Tots should be served at every restaurant
    10. Do you wear moccasins year round?

  7. Advice: if you want a music festival job, don't take any bartending gigs. you won't get to see SHIT.

  8. welcome back. @TJ nothing wrong with Disney movies.

  9. didnt shower for 3 days?
    bet you weren't so easy on the eyes after that