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Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Face of 16 year old, thirst of a frat boy"

Buenos Noches.  I'm on double blog duty today and tomorrow so I'm gonna keep this one decently short. Plus I lost my ID at Coachella (or sacrificed it to the festival gods, as I like to say) so I have a DMV appointment bright and early.  Having the face of a 16 year old and the thirst for beer of a frat boy requires me to carry an ID at all times, so the sooner I can take care of it, the better.  But as you all know going to the DMV is like entering the 7th circle of hell, so I'd like a good nights sleep before hand.

I am dedicating today's post to one of my best friends, Dustin Santillan.  He is a bartender, light tech and manager at The Brass Rail here in San Diego.  He is also a panel member on the web show "They Said" (check out the latest episode here:  Maybe he will even give us a little plug every once in a while! Today will be Dustin's first time reading TinySuperstars because he is one of the few people I know who actually does not check Facebook on the regular.  Everyone say "Hi Dustin!!" Dustin is helping us set up a comedy show featuring TJ at The Brass Rail and I am SO excited.  For that, he is awesome.

Also, I am dead set on getting TJ on the Ellen show.  In fact we are going to tape a short video to send in. BUT the more people that email them, the better chances we have!  Again, here is the link.  All it takes is a couple of lines! Please and thank you!

TJ listed her favorite documentaries last time.  I only have two: "Dear Jack" and "Food, Inc."  Oh yeah, and this one.  The truth is documentaries have never been my favorite genre.  I always got the impression that they were going to be dry or  something.  But making one sure makes you change your mind about them.  It's all about the subject and how you choose to portray it.  Lucky for me, my subject is incredibly dynamic.  And I have spent an extensive amount of time deciding the best way to lay out this particular documentary to ensure that it is anything but flat.  I don't think you're gonna be disappointed! 

I also wanna take a minute to thank our most recent donators: Erin, Wendy Jo, Kim and Janice!  And a very special thank you to two of our donors: Janice and Mary.  These donators are also our mothers!  Not only did they birth us, change our diapers, etc., now they are helping us achieve our dreams as adults.  That is about the coolest thing I can think of.  #ourmomsrule

Tune in tomorrow for information on how you can be in the film, the TinySuperstars photo shoot and a random Top 5 list (TBD...suggestions and requests welcome).

B Naj


  1. Dustin Santillan.. I KNOW HIM...i love that guy!!!

    1. Who Doesn't love that guy? haha jk Love you too Sarah!

  2. Top 5 favorite wild animals you'd like to have as pets if you could!

  3. I've never heard of They Said. What's it about?


    1. Hi Dominic! "They Said" is a local talk show that is filmed weekly in San Diego. It is a mixed panel of LBGTQ and straight individuals discussing current events.

  4. When are the photos of you and TJ dressed as Sophia Grace and her Cuzzy going to appear?!

    TJ on Ellen will rock! 2 of my favorite people!