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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guests Are the Bests

I, Myriam, TJ's shorter, darker, bilingualer half, am today's guest blogger!

The topic I will be discussing is what its like to have your favorite white person/BFF/pretty-much-spouse-except-the-state-of-California-won't-recognize-because-its-marriage-laws-are-wack be the subject of a documentary.

First, I'm incredibly relieved that I'M not the subject of the documentary. I'm not built for the limelight. TJ is. She is essentially a witty wind-up toy with a great big heart, beautiful smile, and cute glasses.

When TJ first told me that a former student wanted to make a movie about her adventures as a comic, I began to sweat a little. I imagined a National Geographic-worthy film crew taking up residence in our house, monitoring moments that ought to be private, moments like unscripted farts. So far, this project has been nary an intrusion. On occasion, I find Bridget, TJ, and camera guy, Scott, stationed in our living room, filming. The first thing I thought when I saw Scott was, "Wow, he looks like the stupid thief from Home Alone."

TJ keeps a video diary for the film. She prefers to film in an empty house so sometimes, she chases me out, and I go run errands while she sits at home, talking at a camera, telling it intimate things such as: "As a child, I hoarded canned foods in preparation for the apocalypse..."

The first night that Bridget filmed TJ doing stand-up was also Bridget's very first night seeing stand-up EVER! This was sad. The cabaret show she attended was a WEAK representation of the beautiful beast that stand-up is. The hosts made the show more about themselves than the acts. The crowd heckled, yammered, and drooled. As a first time stand-up experience, it was the equivalent of getting your cherry popped by a loser.

I guess its moments like those that stoke an audience's pathos.

Comedy is a beautiful beast and Bridget will capture its power and passion. She will see TJ dancing with this beast in all its glory.

TJ loves to make fun of me. And I'm around all the time.

P.S.: If you wanna be part of the film, contact
And try to make it to TJ's show at the Irvine Improv April 24th at 8 pm!

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