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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Long and Short of it....but mainly long.

  1. Okay so this is my last post before I leave for Coachella.  Thank god more questions came in last night because my mind has become nothing more than a loop of set times, my packing list and the new Neon Tree's single on repeat.  It is a confusing place up there right now, so I'm gonna get straight into questions.
    First, a lot of people are asking how they can be part of this film.  Send an email to  I check and answer email's almost everyday.  Just make sure you include your name, your relation to TJ (friend, family, student, fan, etc.)  and how you'd like to be involved.  Thanks!
    Are you really getting shirts made? When will the Kickstarter page be up and how will we know where to find it?  Who would you say has the hardest part in the filmmaking process? The subject or the film maker and why? Brent
    I absolutely want to get shirts made.  What should they have on them??  The Kickstarter SHOULD be up next week.  Kickstarter approves all of the projects that it puts on it's website so we will have to wait for approval , it just depends on how long that will take!  As soon as it's up the link will be posted her, on my facebook and on TJs facebook ad nauseam.  You won't be able to get away from it!  This last question is a hard one.  I would definitely say TJ has it harder.  Her and I have said, she can't think of her life as a project and I can't think of this project as my life.  This documentary is tied into her ever moment whereas I have the opportunity time and again to separate myself from it.  
    How is it working with TJ? I am one of her students and can only imagine how incredible that must be? Thanks. Megan
    Working with TJ cannot be summarized in one word. It is awesome, intense, inspiring, fun, hilarious and even a little scary sometimes.  But not because TJ is scary, you know her..she is anything but scary (sorry Teej)!  But this is a big change that she is making and it's gonna be quite a journey, and I called "shot gun" on the proverbial ride.  It's exciting but I think TJ will back me up, it's a little scary too.
    I think that TJ's life should be made into a musical where do we find out about stand up shows and what is the main goal of this process-film?
    Obviously I could not agree with you more about the musical.  TJ posts all of the information about upcoming shows on her facebook:   The main goal of the project is to chart TJs transition from professor to comedian and to document her trip back to her home town in Iowa.
    What is so special about Iowa? Why is that the big show? Also, is this like a full film or just like a short one? Does TJ have a fan page?  Lilly
    This is an interesting question for me to answer on TJs behalf and the answer is also a big part of the film but at the most basic level Iowa is special because it is where TJ grew up.  In fact she spent her first 18 years there.  A LOT of TJs family still resides in Iowa and many of them will be attending her show.  I am hesitant to answer WHY it is the big show beyond that, as I find that to be an integral part of the documentary.  That question will be answer, just not quite yet. ;)   The length of the film will be determined post production once we piece all of our footage together.  And as far as a fan page, I have not seen one, although her facebook tends to look like one!
    Were you and TJ friends before you did this project? How has this process been on the friendship and do you both think you will stay friends after its all done?  Nikki M.
    TJ was my public speaking professor my freshman year of college.  Our whole class bonded with TJ that semester.  I would say I considered TJ a friend even then.  I left Long Beach after my freshman year and TJ and I hadn't seen each other since (though we were facebook friends and I followed her blog).  It wasn't until TJ had posted on facebook that she had an idea for a documentary that we reconnected.  That's my long way of saying yes we were, but we are more friends now that the project has started.  I think it has been an interesting dynamic because of that.  We are excited about our new found friendship but there is also a professional balance to be found.  And we will definitely be friends when this is over.  No question.
    What is the name of the film going to be?
    The working title is "The Artist Formerly Known as 'Trina'".  Everyone back in Iowa, and pretty much anyone that met TJ is her first 20 years, knows TJ as Trina.  In my opinion, "TJ" represents the person that she is today and "Trina" is a representation of who she was before she was able to just be herself.  Obviously, that is just my interpretation!
    Phew! I am exhausted.  Thank you again for the insightful questions!  
    Until next week!
    B Naj


  1. Great post B!!! "shotgun"--that was my favorite part. Sorry it's scary sometimes--shoulda rode in the trunk!! <3!! Tell Eminem I said hey and have an amazing week. Teej

  2. I love that title...and i love the representation of it!!!

  3. Take pics of Eminem at Coachella!

  4. Great post Bridget. You answered a lot of questions. Well, I have three more: 1. What are the goals for when this is over? Will this film open doors for either of you and if so what would like to happen? I guess my question is what's next after the film? What will come out of this for you and for TJ? 2. Has the process been harder or easier then you thought it would be? Why do you think that is? 3. If you could compare your movie to a mainstream movie--what would it be. Like, is it gonna be like Rocky where everyone is cheering for the underdog or like a superhero film or a rom com type thing. I guess what I'm trying to ask is what movie should I watch to get an idea of what this movie will be like? Thank you. Kevin O

  5. Will there be music in the movie and if so, what kind? Bridget mentioned that she liked Indie but I know that TJ likes hip hop and banjos. Who gets to decide that? Also, I think TJ is a big frickin deal. If this movie makes a fuck ton of money who will get it? Will it be split between you? You probably already have that worked out and it's kind of a personal question but I'm just curious how that works. Brian T