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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'll try to answer questions, kickstarter, and neon trees

Hello everyone. Shout out to all the readers and a special shout out to everyone who has left an awesome comment.

As you all know, B Naj is away so I will be blogging for the next 5 days. I'm sure that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. There were a few questions from yesterday's post. I don't want to speak for Bridget so I'll just answer what I can.

 1. What are the goals for when this is over? Will this film open doors for either of you and if so what would like to happen? I guess my question is what's next after the film? What will come out of this for you and for TJ? 2. Has the process been harder or easier then you thought it would be? Why do you think that is? 3. If you could compare your movie to a mainstream movie--what would it be. Like, is it gonna be like Rocky where everyone is cheering for the underdog or like a superhero film or a rom com type thing. I guess what I'm trying to ask is what movie should I watch to get an idea of what this movie will be like? Thank you. Kevin O

Hey Kevin. How's it goin man? Thanks for the questions. 

PART 1:Of course I'd love for this film to open up doors for both of us. The interesting thing is that by the time this film actually comes out (goal is Dec 2012) I will already know whether or not this whole comic thing was a good or bad decision. So when everyone comes to see the film--it will either be a great beginning to a dream come true OR whatever the opposite of that is. I'm currently working on several projects that will hopefully open some doors for me. The film will be awesome--no matter what happens with me--so I am very hopeful that this film gets B one step closer to fulfilling her dreams.

PART 2: It's definitely harder than I thought it would be. I'm not really sure why. I like it though--the amazing things we do in life are never really easy-- so all in all, I'd say it's going the way it should.

PART 3: I have NO idea. This is B Naj's vision. Right now it feels a little like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest meets Ratatouille but that's because I often feel like an insane yet fun cartoon. I'll let B answer that one next week. NEXT QUESTION

2. Will there be music in the movie and if so, what kind? Bridget mentioned that she liked Indie but I know that TJ likes hip hop and banjos. Who gets to decide that? Also, I think TJ is a big frickin deal. If this movie makes a fuck ton of money who will get it? Will it be split between you? You probably already have that worked out and it's kind of a personal question but I'm just curious how that works. Brian T

Hey Brian T. Hope you are well. Thanks for the questions. I don't know about the music because there are so many legal things that go along with that, but if we could have music it would probably be a combination of all three. That would make the most sense. The second part of your question is weird. Thanks for thinking that I'm a big deal--but the bottom line is we are not in this for the money. B and I are close--we will always support one another because that's what friends do but money is a very tricky thing to deal with--so I guess for now I will just say that I do not know how it all works and it's kinda none of your business. Love you though.

Please keep the questions coming. Some lighter ones might be nice--but we like all kinds. I believe that our kickstarter page was finally submitted for approval. A lot of work goes into getting all that stuff in order so B Naj did an awesome job with it. Quick shout out to B for all your hard work on the kickstarter page. Once we have approval--the page will be up. You will all love it, I promise. 

That's all I have for today. Tomorrow we will have a guest blogger. My wife Myriam is gonna post. I'll also post a short video because we did technically get more than 20 questions. Let's hit 2,000 views by tomorrow. Read the blog and pass it on to a friend. Please also check out my blog at

Remember that you can also be interviewed or otherwise included in this project. Just contact I'll leave you all with a cool music video. It's Bridget's favorite right now.

Neon Trees - Everybody video by Neon Trees performing Everybody Talks. (C) 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Thanks for your support. There is no way this can happen without each and every one of you. TJ


  1. Sweet post TJ. Even when you are being serious you make me laugh. That's a gift! AMK!!

  2. Awesome gesture giving us Bridget's favorite video. Hope she is having fun at Coachella. Can't wait for the kickstarter page. Brandon

  3. Keep ya head up T.J. you'll make it. We all know that.

  4. You are coming to IOWA and that is the coolest thing in the world. Cannot wait for your shows. Keep us posted about ticket sales. JM

  5. So TJ, are people just following you around all of the time? How does that work? That sound like a nightmare but could also be kind of neat. I think you should get used to it though because you will be a superstar. In many peoples eyes you already are. Bridget, so far what has been the hardest part of this? What about the best part? Also, when will we get our cookies? RAY

  6. TJ, How did you get to be so kind, hilarious, and fucking awesome?
    Do you have a favorite knock knock joke?