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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pets, snaps, Improv, and a lil love

Hey e'erone.  Thank you for reading the Tiny Superstars blog. As B posted on Friday, we took the weekend off for a lil r and r. Well, we are back and I have some great stories to tell.

First I will give you my list of 5 favorite comics and animals that I'd like to have as pets.

1. Wanda Sykes
2. Chris Rock
3. Wendy Ho
4. Ellen
5. Larry The Cable Guy.

My least favorite comics:
1. Dane Cook

Isn't that nice that my least favorite comic is one of B Naj's favorites? What am I going to do? I guess I will just continue to love her and move on.

Exotic animals I'd like to have as pets: BTW--definition of exotic pet is as follows:
Exotic---attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary
Pet-------a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure and treated with care and affection
1. Wanda Sykes
2. Chris Rock
3. Wendy Ho
4. Sloth
5. Tiny horse

Yes--I think all of the above would make amazing pets!!

Ok--lots going on!! We had our photoshoot on Saturday. Here is the sweet logo that Matt and Carrie made for us and one snap of my gangsta self. We will post more pics as we get them.

The shoot was str8 up awesome. Carrie and Matt took a lot of time choosing the best location for us. They were even mindful about the number of snakes that might be seen by me so I appreciated that. The funny thing about the location was that they told us it was a short hike up a hill. FYI--"short hike" is defined by me in a VERY different way. HA! Readers--they took us one mile straight up a frickin mountain and B, my family (Jeremy, Blaine, and Myriam), and I ALMOST died on the way up. Also, since Myriam decided to wear big healed bootie shoes--going down was just as difficult. Here is a snap of M and J trying to make it back down to civilization:

I don't have any pics of B yet:( Some will be up soon !! The hike was totally worth it --once we stopped sweating--we had a blast. Special shout out to Carrie and Matt for being so amazing. Also, Tom and Brianne--thanks for coming up to surprise us and to say hi:)

Bridget saw a snake once she made it down the hill. Though I hesitate in doing this--here is a snap of the snake. When she sent it to me (after I was safely in my car--because she's awesome like that) I started to cry. For the record--if I would've seen this snake--I would have died right there on the mountain. NO JOKE!!

Ok--if you haven't seen our kickstarter page/video--PLEASE check it out. If you can donate a buck or two--it would be awesome. Please and thank you. We need and appreciate your support!! Give not because you have a lot, but because you know what it's like to have a dream!!!!  Here is the video

The Artist Formerly Known as "Trina"

Ok--My Irvine Improv show is TOMORROW NIGHT!! I ended up with 275 peeps on my guest list! BTW--the Improv holds 500 and there are 9 other comics. I feel so supported right now. If you are gonna be at the show--I can't wait to see you. If you cannot make it to the show, please send me some love and try to laugh really hard at about 9:30. Imma win this time:) B will be there--make sure to say hi and give her a hard time about the following things:
1. No adequate safety space while driving
2. Not showering for 5 days
3. Liking Dane Cook
4. Making me cry on a regular basis--JK
5. Eating a whole box of cookie crisp dry because she was too lazy to get up and get milk and a bowl.
Love u Boo!!

Ok--that is all I have for today! Life is good. My cousin Blaine and his husband Jeremy are visiting. Tomorrow they will be seeing me perform for the first time. Blaine is one of my biggest supporters and I could not be happier that he is here!!!

I will leave you all with another list--let's see......what will annoy Bridget the most.............can't think of anything so I'll just call it a night. B will post tomorrow. She is also working on a FB page for us so maybe she will tell us all about it! Can't wait! You all rock!!!



  1. Love it, I'm not scared of snakes but that would if spooked me a bit. Would make a great belt tho. Can't wait to see you perform tomorrow night.

  2. BEST.POST.EVER. Hilarious! Thank you TJ. Can't wait to hear Bridget's response. Love you guys. sb

    1. YES! Bomb Post! <3

  3. <3 LOVE! So much going on. well done guys. jbc

  4. cookie crisp is the best cereal ever.