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Monday, April 2, 2012

Everyone loves a bumpy ride

First of all, B Naj brought down the house with her last post, so I'd like to send a special shout out to my partner in crime. Bridget, you rock. You better start baking cookies now.

I'm sure you all sensed the tone of regret and despair in my last post. Well, I'm happy to report that I am doing much better now. It was a lot to process.  I like the fact that I can be honest and post how I'm really feeling though.  I'm sure you'll all have many more opportunities to hear about my triumphs AND my tragedies, so check in every day because this amazing ride has just begun. With that said, I'm actually glad that the first day of filming is out of the way. I think it was pretty good that Scott and Bridget got to experience a crappy show as their first comedic experience. Now they can understand what my brilliance is up against.

Ok--new topic. On Friday, before the show, we went to a place called "The Tilted Kilt." It's like a Scottish Hooters. I figured it would be a fun place to take Scott. See, it was my first time meeting him so I figured I'd take him someplace with good food, a variety of beer, and huge boobs. Isn't that what most straight men enjoy? He liked it. I did too. Bridget liked the food and beer. All in all, WINNING!

Our KICKSTARTER page should be up in less that one week.

Ok--so I love working with Bridget. We are really having a swell time. Even the fights are fun. I think she wants to punch me on a regular basis--which is awesome. It means that my plan is working. No, truth be told--we are good for each other, and though it's harder doing such an intense project with someone you care about, it's totally worth it.

Since I missed posting yesterday, I will post twice today. This evening you should all check back for some haikus about the film, a list of what Bridget and I both hate, a few pictures, and much more. Reply to this post with the word "we want to hear B Naj sing" and I'll make sure she does a karaoke song in your honor while we are in IOWA!! She is fully annoyed right now and I love that.

Thanks for reading. Back tonight. Deuces. TJ


  1. Hahahahaha! I love your description of the Tilted Kilt!
    I can't wait for the Kickstarter page! I'm loving this stuff!

  2. U guyz are pretty G. I'm loving this. Where is this tilted kilt place? Let's see if Bridget gets u back T.J. lol oh yeah I almost forgot "I want to see B naj sing."

  3. 1. Is bridget single?
    2. you two should post together someday
    3. when will the movie be done
    4. bridget, is tj just always cracking you up?
    5. when is the next show where there will be filming?
    6. I want to see n naj sing. lol

  4. keep it going, can't wait to see this get nominated in Dominc's #1 documentary for 00 twelve

  5. Funniest blog of my lifeeeeee I'm excited for the kick starter page Wooooooooo