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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Extreme Egg Dying

I just wanna say how overwhelmed I am by the emails, comments, tweets, etc.  Ya'll have such nice things to say...even those who don't know me!  I just can't say thank you enough.  That being said, I respect anonymity, but I would love to know who you all are when you're commenting, so please leave your names if you feel comfortable.  We wanna know who to thank!  For instance, I will be making the cookies I promised to those dedicated readers and I still don't know who all of you are! Today my shout out goes to my friend, Julian, who still doesn't realize how much it meant to me to find out he was reading my blog. He will be getting his cookies this weekend.

Today TJ and I filmed our Kickstarter video.  After a couple beers and about 20 takes, I think we finally go it!  We will be submitting our page for review this weekend so look for a link early next week.  This was a huge stress for both of us so it feels good to have it done, although I am very much dreading having to re-watch myself on film.  Afterwards we had an egg dying party with my friends Kate, Sarah and Breaunna.  TJ was overwhelmed by our sequins and glitter, so she just spectated.

When I was shopping for egg dye I saw chocolate dipped Peeps.  I'm not sure why this upset me so much, but it did.

How much did you all love TJs haikus?? She is trying to get me into writing them.  I'll admit they are pretty fun, but I am not as skilled as she is.  Here is one for today:

Extreme egg dying
Sequins and glitter glue pens
TJ was amused

Also, we are VERY on board with having t-shirts made.  But what should we put on them??  Comment with some suggestions.  Winning submission will they're t-shirt for free!

That's all I have for today.


  1. cool post. why wouldnt tj dye eggs? i would eat choc peeps. i remember the first time i had to watch myself on video. i died a little on the inside. it will be fine and im sure the video will be great. Michael

  2. How does anyone get overwhelmed by dying an egg? WTF TJ? We love you both and are enjoying this adventure. Des & O

  3. For the record--I love dying easter eggs but get really stressed about it especially if everyone at the table is super crafty. I just stress out because there are sooooo many frickin ways to decorate them and I can never decide where to begin. I like making collages, coloring, and doing paint by number. When it comes to arts and crafts--I need detailed instructions or else I cannot do it. When it comes to everything else in life, I am the complete opposite. I want to be more crafty--I really do, but right now I'm making a documentary so there!

  4. I was not overwhelmed by the sequins and glitter--I thought it was some of the coolest things I've ever seen. I'll probably dream about them tonight!

  5. all you do is paint them, drop them in glitter.. voala *or how ever the hell that is spelled*

  6. who had more beers? tj's was probably like bud light or something but Bridget I would guess likes that microbrewed stuff. Why is it hard for you to watch yourself?

    1. TJ had one tall can of Coors Light. I had two small cans of Maui Brewing Co. You know us well! You know when you hear your voice recorded and you're like.."That sounds weird". It's kinda that sensation when I watch myself except it looks AND sounds weird.

  7. love the bog. i miss having tj as a prof. It's cool u guys get to hang out. Sammy C

  8. i dig the shout out. keep the good posts coming.

  9. so much fun! who knew that you could make eggs soo fancy!

  10. These haikus would be killer on t-shirts!

  11. I think tees with haikus would be pretty bad ass :) or if you have some cool catch phrases that would be rad too. Btw every post gets better and better!