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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pics, winner video, don't wait to help, and that's pretty much it

Sup readers? Hope you have all been keeping up with what's been going on. All is well with both tinysuperstars--we are just a bit tired. It's been a very busy, intense, emotional, and fun week.
Here's a recap:
Photoshoot was amazing. Both B and I are super stoked to be working with Carrie and Matt again. Str8 up brilliance!!Here are some of the shots:

 The Improv show was one of the sweetest nights in my life. I killed it on stage. It was a combo of confidence, great material, lookin all sexy in my 7 Diamonds attire, the amazing audience, my family there to support me, and a lil Patron tequila. I won the competition--got a lil trophy and a lil cash--it was awesome.
 Here--click the link below and watch them announce the winner. Watch it all the way to the end--the best moment is at the very end. I promise.

And the winner is......

Special shout out to e'erone at the Improv. Thanks for letting us film and thanks for being so awesome. Extra special shout out to Friendly Frank, Darryll Blackshere, Scott the DJ, and all the other comics. It was a brilliant show!!

Str8 up OG full on shout out to the 250 people who came to my show. I love you all so very much and was in awe of your presence. Each and every one of you make me believe that I can do anything so for that--I thank you.

I'm pretty sure B and Dustin had a great time. I'm just pumped that this show made up for The Palms one. It was like what I'd imagine the differences between heaven and hell would be. She got some great footage, some quick interviews, and got to see me at my finest. It may've been a bit overwhelming at times--but--that's the way it is with me.

Ok--if you have donated to our kickstarter page--thank you VERY VERY much. Our most recent donors are Sarah, Juan, Jamee, Jamie, and Jennifer. Your support means the world to us. For those who are thinking about donating--what are you waiting for? Every single dollar helps. Do not give because you have a lot; give because you know what it feels like to be chasing a dream.

The DVD of the film is gonna cost $20 dollars anyway--donate now and you get that and a bunch of other stuff too. PLEASE--don't wait til the last minute. It causes us stress:) Here is an incentive: If we reach $2,000 by Sunday night--B and I will reenact The Evolution of Dance and post it on youtube. If we get up to $2500--we will also do a video blog and I will do some freestyle hip hop--with special shout outs in the rhymes to those who have and will donate before Sunday night.

We might even do some other stuff--if you can give to this project or find someone who can--tell us what you want us to do for you and we str8 up will do it. 3 rules--no spiders no snakes and no bacon soda!! Please give what you can. We really do need your help.

The Artist Formerly Known as "Trina"

I think that's all I have for today. I have a show on Saturday and B will be filming in class on Monday.
Also, The Ellen Show wants me to send them a short video so please keep writing to her--I want to be on that show--it could be life changing. Remember all those letters of rec I wrote? YOUR TURN!!

See--I told all y'all there was a lot going on. Thanks for the love. I don't have any lists today--just signin out--no jabs at B either--guess I'm just exhausted from the week. TJ


  1. The show was epic and you killed it. Keep it going

  2. TJ is one of the only people on earth who can bring together such a diverse group and have them all laughing at the same time. A true genius. Can't wait for the next show. JDM

  3. congrats tj. well done. i think that pic of bridget punching you might be the funniest thing i have ever seen. her arms are badass. keep it up. ss

  4. The photos are absolutely gorgeous! You're both tres sexy!
    Yay TJ! You kicked bigtime booty! I love that you congratulated all the other comedians! That was cool!
    I know this Ellen appearance is going to happen and I can't wait!
    Me love you long time!