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Friday, April 27, 2012

Virtual Mullet

This post is going to be a little bit like a virtual mullet, business in the in the back.

Business first...
  • As TJ mentioned in her last post...if we can reach $2000 by April 30 we will re enact The Evolution of Dance.  Special thanks to my best friend, Sarah, for coming up with this incentive..  We only have until May 31st to raise the full $4000 or we don't get a penny.  Which would be a damn shame, don't you agree? Click here if you want to see us dance like fools.
  • KEEP WRITING TO ELLEN!  We are filming a short video on Monday to submit, but let's keeping harassing them until they have no choice but to put TJ on the show, or file a restraining order.
  • And finally, I am SO excited to announce that TJ is going to be performing in San Diego next month!!!  Mark your calendars, MAY 31ST at The Brass Rail.  More information will be available soon.  But here's what's cool (if you've been paying attention you've already noticed) this date coincides with the end date of our Kickstarter fundraising.  The fundraising ends at 9 pm so we will know right then and there if we've reached our goal.  Come out and celebrate with us if we have (and we will), but in the rare event that we don't, you can come out and drink our sorrows away with us!  Either way there will be comedy and booze and other fun things! 

And now for the party!

Here is a picture of TJ's winnings from Tuesday night.  I love that trophy!

As promised here is a list of 10 of my guilty pleasures in life:
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Britney Spear's "Toxic"
Real Housewives reunion shows
"The Mummy"
Yankee Candle Co. (home of the most overpriced candles) 
Taco bell (sorry Dominic!)
The broadway musical "Les Miserables"
Sugary breakfast cereal
Anything having to do with weddings

I've been wondering lately how far this blog reaches.  If you think you live the furthest from Long Beach, CA, leave a comment from where you're posting from.  I'll send a post card to the person with the most mileage between us!

That's all I've got for today.  Have a wonderful Friday.  I'm gonna let people pay me to get them drunk and then I'm going dancing!  Just living the dream...



  1. is that a gold chain in the bag? what in the hell is going on? bridget's list looks like a weekend to do list for an old fag. ss

  2. Love the blog. It always brightens my day.

  3. Great post. That picture is amazing.

  4. In the bag...are....edibles...

  5. Virtual Mullet! Awesome blog title and super post!
    I'm watching RHA reunion part 3 right now! Some serious NeNe!

  6. love the title, so did TJ get the bag back? Would so be down to see you two do a reenactment of that skit.

  7. If no one else has said where they're posting from, can I win a post card from you by default?

    My location is the giant squashy armchair in my living room in San Diego.

  8. Bakersfield, love you B!