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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Glee spirit is wounded, but I can still make people laugh

Hello readers. Thanks for checking in. I know that we have a lot of followers here on tinysuperstars and for that I am very grateful. Here we go--

A lot is up with me. I pretty much have back to back shows from now until Iowa, I'm working on several comedy projects, and of course--I'm doing this film. I actually need to leave for a show in twenty minutes so I'll keep this post short and sweet.

For those of you waiting to hear about the IOWA show tickets sales--welcome to the club. The people at Joker's have been less than forthcoming with information. I'm doing my best to get things settled and promise to keep you all posted.

I have a big show tomorrow night at The Sash Lounge in Norwalk. One of us comics will walk away with $500 and the rest of us will just walk away. LOL I'd love to win this competition, but am not counting on it. Truth be told--I think my friend Casey is gonna win, and she totally deserves it. I'll make sure to let you all know how it turns out though. The thing that sucks most about this show is that Myriam will be in the hospital after undergoing surgery. I feel really bad for leaving her bedside to go make others laugh, but she is of course supportive as always. Please send thoughts and love to Myriam tomorrow as she goes under the knife--and send me good energy so that I can beat Casey Balsam's ass and take home the $500. LOL

Not much else is happening with me I guess. I'm actually having a rough day--dealing with lost computer files, uncommunicative people, homophobia, and anxiety regarding M's surgery. I'm also not getting anywhere near enough sleep so I need to fix that ASAP. The 4 hours a night is not really cutting it anymore. Oh--and I miss my students!

Told you this would be a short post. I thank you all for reading and for supporting our project. We are 121% funded and we have a lot of emotional support as well. We'd love to hit the $5000 mark because stuff is really really expensive. We only need $70 to do that so if you'd like to help and haven't--here is the link:

I'm sad about Bridget's decision to leave Glee, but I too was very unimpressed with yesterday's episode. My Glee spirit has been wounded. That's it for today. I have a show in an hour. Bridget will post tomorrow. Send us both love and laughter! TJ


  1. chin up tj. Get some rest. Hope you win tomorrow and I hope Myriam's surgery goes well. JHN

  2. Good luck tonight TJ. I hope Myriam is doing well. Mary N.

  3. But just think, due to Brittney's Fs, she'll be back next season!

  4. I'm so glad this day is long gone, TJ. I hope only delicious days lie ahead from here on out! <3