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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fluffy Najour and a few other things

Hello blog readers. Thanks for checking in. Today's post is gonna be a lil' heavier than usual, but that is how it goes. This blog is about sharing the good and the bad--the happy and the sad so here we go!

Let's start with the happy! B and I are at 90% of our goal for KICKSTARTER! 90% is amazing--100% will be better. Thank you all so much for your support. We have two weeks left to raise the other $385 so PLEASE do not wait any longer. Today is the day for you to help us if you haven't already. Here is the link:


Ok--so tomorrow is my last day of school. I actually go through the grieving process at the end of every semester. As my students leave and venture out---let's just say that it is bittersweet watching them go. Many of them stay in touch--which I LOVE--but things change, and that is what makes it difficult.

Right now I am in a bit of a funk. Mostly, I'm paralyzed by fear--fear of what is next. I have so much to do right now, but am having a hard time focusing and feeling motivated. I'm sure this will pass--it just sucks right now because each day I fall further and further behind.  I'll make it through--I always do. I have no shows scheduled this week, but starting next week I have like 11 shows in a row. That is frighteningly awesome.

As far as the documentary goes--we are on a little bit of a stand still right now--which is fine. B and I are getting stuff organized, making that final push for our funds, and planning the next leg of the race. Everything will fall into place--we just have to be patient with each other and with the process.

Ok--so here it is. We have lost an honorary tinysuperstar. Today, Fluffy Najour passed on to the next world. Fluffy was 15, and Bridget loved her more than anything. This is a very sad day so we must ALL keep B in our thoughts. She is such a strong and awesome person but I know that this is a really hard thing to deal with--so PLEASE send B your love and do something today to honor Fluffy Najour. I will be planting a tree and naming said tree Fluffy. That way--the memory of her will live on for many many many years! I will leave you all with a few snaps of the most beautiful dog in the world and two haikus in honor of Fluffy and Bridget!

Running in the sky
Fluffy is proud of you B
Never really gone

B awesome and strong
Loved all over the world
Keep on truckin boo

That's it for today--tomorrow's post is gonna be brilliant AND funny so check back in the afternoon for pics of my last day of class, a new list, and lots of other stuff! TJ OUT!


  1. I'm sorry you've had to say goodbye to Fluffy, Bridget. I guarantee that right now Fluffy is playing with little kitties in a large field of interesting smells and fire hydrants-before a delicious nap in the cozy lap of some loving mother dog, who looks just like Fluffy! <3 and (hugs)

  2. So sorry bridget. great post tj. way to honor fluffy. hope you both feel better about everything soon. we need both tiny superstars shining again. JY

  3. Sorry for your loss, Bridget. Hang in there. You guys are great at supporting each other. Great post, TJ.

  4. Sorry about fluffy. That sucks so much. Hope you feel better soon Bridget. TJ, what in the hell are you afraid of? Sounds like you both need a day of fun and love. Hope you get that soon. YOU BOTH ROCK!! Can't wait til everything is up and running again. Jlt

  5. This is the 1st time a blog made me cry. TJ, you better not pick on B Naj for at least a week. Is Bridget still running the race on Saturday? TJ, stop being such a pussy by letting your fears take over. You are above that. Please post a picture once you've planted the tree. I hope you plant a dog tree in honor of fluffy. That would be awesome. Hope you both are back on your feet soon. Scott

  6. TJ may just be the greatst writer of haikus. Hope Bridget liked them. Sad you are both having a rough week. Tj I hope you know that every student you've ever had probably remembers you. How could they not? Blogs are great TJ but we miss Bridgets posts. Come back soon. TANYA

  7. Ohh tell B I'm so sorry to hear about Fluffy. We love our pets. TJ--take a day to be freaked out. Then get down to business one bite at a time, just like when you eat a really fabulous meal. You don't start out thinking, "Oh no how will I fit all that food, and drink, and dessert into my stomach?? AHHH!" Nope. You take one delicious bite at a time and savor it all.

    Good luck! You can do it!

  8. last i checked you reached your goal so yay! And as for Fluffy I'm sorry B, keep your head up and keep Fluffy in your heart and memories those never leave you.